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Adplay / Adyours

                                  Welcome to Ad-play Advert Terminology

 Adplay is created and designed to boost and promote musics of any kinds both locals and foreign musics  ranging from Hip-Hop,Reggae,Blues, High-Life,Pop and Gospel songs.
Our Hit Cloud Music Promotion is Express » Clean » Classic » Well Packaged » And. Very Cheap.

1.We will  popularize your music to the world : our major character is to advertise your music/song all over the social media ,as well as promoting the artist /the singer

2.We will make your music to be a "Hit Parade": our target is to make sure that your music /song  becomes the hottest and the most wanted on internet.
  Our Hit Cloud Music Promotion is Express » Clean » Classic » Well Packaged » And  Very Cheap

                        Welcome to Ad-yours Advert Terminology

Adyours is designed to boost and promote  product and services of standard quality starting from small ones to the biggest like Art Work, Bead Work,Caterer,Herbal Product, Schools,Ministries,
Transportation Companies, Fashion Designers and Banks.
other private and public liability companies that deals on Electrical s, Electronics,Phone Accessories
Furniture's,Textiles Materials like T-Shirts,Woman's Wears,JeansShoesand on and on.

    OUR ROLES  .
1. Is to popularize your products and services to the world." in this aspect  our part is to advertise your product and services to world through the means of our medias.



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Thank you very much for your time you take to go through these" we looking forward to partner with you .


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