Probe of judges linked to drug trade in the Philippines set to begin


Probe of judges linked to drug trade in the Philippines set to beginTension is on the high in the Philippines as a day after the chief justice criticised President Rodrigo Duterte name-and-shame campaign in his war on narcotics, the Philippines’ Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered an inquiry into four judges linked to drug trade.
Duterte has fingered about 160 serving and former government officials, seven judges, soldiers and police officers who he said were linked to the illegal drugs trade.
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According to the Supreme Court spokesman, Theodore Te, the court asked a retired judge to conduct a fact-finding investigation into “the alleged involvement of four incumbent judges”, and to present a report in 30 days.
“The court today resolved to treat the speech of President Rodrigo Duterte as a complaint against the four judges,” Te told a news conference in Manila, adding the four judges were given seven days to respond to the complaint.
“This is just for the administrative case since the Supreme Court does not have jurisdiction on criminal cases.

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