WhatsApp shares Data to Facebook

A change to WhatsApp's privacy policy reveals that the company will begin sharing user data with parent company,Facebook.

(CCM) — On Thursday, WhatsApp announced in an official blog post that it had made updates to its privacy policy — the most prominent of which being the fact that it would begin sharing user data with its parent company, Facebook. When WhatsApp was first acquired by the social media giant back in 2014, it promised that its privacy standards would remain unchanged. It appears that the company still has hopes of upholding this vow, stating in the post that its "belief in the value of private communications is unshakeable." It also promised not to "sell, share, or give your phone number to advertisers." The issue is, however, not with WhatsApp's policies but with Facebook's, which has not exactly hidden the fact that user data is used for advertising purposes.

The upshot to the increased transparency between WhatsApp and Facebook is, according to WhatsApp, that it will now be more equipped to track basic user metrics and prevent spam messages on its platform. It also hopes to be able to improve the friend suggestion feature on Facebook by joining its knowledge of users' personal phone contacts with Facebook's knowledge of users' friends lists.

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