Reasons Why Ladies Should Be The Ones That Goes After Guys By Chidi Young.

In this article,  I actually want open  some fact that stated  why ladies should be the ones that goes after guys .

Ladies I do know naturally that the way  is been done is the normal way.

I am also aware that it is the pride of a lady to be proudly and boldly approach by a man.

But i still wants to point out some important reason why ladies should be the one that goes after  guys.



75% of ladies that is third quarter of girls are  fully depended on their guy!
Almost in all ladies  need, they hope that their guys would do it,starting form money for clothes, money for  shoes , money to buy  phone , money for transport, for outing etc. even  as far  as money for lunch or any other thing of that nature ,they ask  from their guy .

It is little among multitude of ladies that has what it takes to depend on their selves.Many are fellow follower.

2) IN BEDguys  has been  up doing Ones,
they  are  the major  player that kicks to score.

In bad the role of guys, as if it is  to be  in football they  plays 9 (strikers)
They  are the one that  can change your breath and it becomes snoring uh uh.

 3) RESPONSIBILITY : In terms of cares and responsibility, because  they will like to show love, they  would accept  to share their girl friend responsibilities so that  she can  be free  from  disturbance and have  a lovely  living.

Many time, it is guys  that  really  cares to  know what  is going  on in term relationship  or while what  was going on is repeating it self over and over .

Most ladies usually takes responsibilities for granted ,
Less concerned and especially in a country like Nigeria ,responsibilities is full 99% left for guys to do it (Oh My Gosh).

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