Top 5Richest Tattoo Artists In The World.

Have you ever wondered who are the Richest Tattoo Artists In The World? If you did, we have the answer for you!
With tattoos being so “in” right now, more and more people are getting their bodies covered in ink. And we have to admit, most of them look good.
Considering the amount of money the tattoo artists we are going to talk about are gaining, we can say that they are the best!
So if you are considering to get a tattoo and if you have some extra money, why not get a bit fancy and go for one of the Richest Tattoo Artists In The World?

#5 – Kat Von D – $200/hour (minimum)

Kat Von D is best known for appearing in the American show Miami Ink. Von D later hosted her own show, LA Ink, in her tattoo studio, High Voltage.
The tattoo artist is not only a television personality, but also a model and a musician.
Aged 32, Kat wrote 2 books, launched a make-up line for Sephora and an international clothing line.
Charging the minimum of $200 an hour, she is reported to be worth $5 million.
Richest Tattoo Artists In The World | Top 5

4 – Paul Booth – $300/hour


If you are a fan of heavy metal do not get intimidated by Booth’s look and go get a tattoo!
Paul Booth has worked for bands such as Slipknot, Pantera or Sepultura.
His works of art are freehand and mostly based on realistic horror and gothic tattoos.
If you want to get a tattoo by Paul Booth book two years in advance and be prepared to pay $300 for an hour!

3 – Anil Gupta – $450/hour

We’re half way into our top 5 richest tattoo artists in the world!
Not a big fan of photos of himself, Anil Gupta is known for his realistic portraits and also tribal inspired tattoos.
Charging $45o per hour, Gupta is very good with patters and designs, being also able to tattoo paintings made by da Vinci or Dali.
What do you think? Would you pay $450 an hour to get a premium tattoo?
Richest Tattoo Artists In The World | Top 5

2 – Ami James – 500/hour

The man behind NY Ink and Miami Ink, Ami James charges no less than $500 per hour.
His first tattoo at the age of 15 determined Ami to become a tattoo artist.
He started his apprenticeship at a shop called Tattoos By Lou.
Co-owner of Love Hate Tattoos in Miami, he is reported to have a net worth of $5.1 million.
Richest Tattoo Artists In The World | Top 5

1 – Scott Campbell – $1000/hour (first session)

Yes, you read that right. A first session with tattoo artist Scott Campbell is no less that $1000 per hour!
The succeeding sessions’ price drops to $200 per hour.
His list of celebrity clients includes Sting, Robert Downey Jr., Orlando Bloom, Marc Jacobs and others.
In 2005 he opened his own tattoo shop called Saved Tattoo. Campbell specializes in typography and antique ornamentation.

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