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My Word is My Pride (i)
  • Word is so powerful to the extend that nothing can be done with out a word
  • Word is so powerful ,even as to say it is the curse of action 
  • Word is so powerful even though it does not have a muscular but it still stronger than the strong man
  •   Word is so powerful as the matter of fact it is word that God used to create the Universe
  • Word is so powerful to extend that you can use it to build or to destroyed 
  • What ever some body do is a  response to his or her word that is to say that action is just a response of a word
  • It takes a word to stop  aggressive man who probably has pull the trigger to shot ,a word
  • Word is so powerful as matter of fact Jesus said that life and death in the tongue 
  • Jesus said his word gives life so it is possible that word can give life as well as   can destroy life,power in the word
    ;Word controls the world some body will say why did i say so and how ?let me no go far,starting from little as you will know ,individually will react to what he say which is his or her word even from the beginning God used his word to create the word.

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