Beyoncé just supported Solange in the most beautiful way, makes us wish they were our sisters.


If you haven’t listened to Solange’s new absolute masterpiece A Seat at the Table et, we highly recommend doing so. Her voice is glorious, her message is powerful, and her artistry has never been more impactful.

Big sis Beyoncé took to Instagram to support Solange, naturally, with a message filled with support and empowerment: 


Obviously, we’re not surprised — we’ve known that Solange was everything to us the day she dropped her first song. We’re just incredibly proud of this woman and honored to listen to her perspective and wisdom.
You can also experience Solange‘s digital book of the same name which features lyrics and photography on her website.
You are a queen, Solange, and we thank you for the gift that is A Seat at the Table.

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