War Against Terrorism Says A Blogger Chidi young .


War , Terrorism ,Blogger, Chidi young .
Terrorism should not have a place among humanity, it is not something that should keeps repeating it self.

 It should be totally aborted from human race. 

Why do some people get them self in to this kind of act !

Why do some  people chooses to be a threat to other fellow humans!
Why do some people drive joy in doing harm to others! 

Why do some people celebrate  killing  innocent person and still have the impetuous to show off on video and social media! 

Stop doing this I tell you it is harsh to humanity, so heartless to people! 

This selfish act is so devastated to humanity, human beings  are not cows and bulls that can be slaughtered any how !
Each human person on earth has a call to answer, a dream to fulfill likewise career to accomplish ! If you don't have, Stop i said  ,eliminate others .

When ever I see this kind of video it makes me feels  so grief stricken. "we really try to upload the video but its not available for now "

                  Image result for Terrorism

Stop using your terrorist selfish act to cause panic and shivering to people life, your terrorist act don't has any benefit rather it is a west despite ones reason. 

So do this kind no more, say no to it and if you know the people that does it tell them no .

It cant help human in life as well as in spirit, there is a need for we to be a change person so that you can touch the life of people in a positive way.

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