Three (3) Simple Steps To Keep Mouth Clean And Sparkling.

It is really annoying when talking with somebody and I found that the fellow has mouth odour, it is like really crazy when I look at some one's teeth and behold the person teeth is dirty ,I ask myself, toothbrush has it finished in the market, store  or does it mean that they really don't know what toothbrush and toothpaste are meant for.

The work of toothbrush and toothpaste

  The three (3) simple step to keep mouth Clean.

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Step One; Brush Your Teeth.

Brush your teeth with toothpaste may be my-my  or close up or any one of your choice paste at least 3 times a day
That is morning, afternoon and night before you sleep . 
do this for 1 week 

Step Two; Brush Your Tongue.

While brushing the teeth, Brush the tongue the same time however, i suggest that you do not use the same brush you used for teeth rather you may use soft-brush for brushing the tongue and still maintain doing it in the morning, afternoon and night before you sleep.

Some people do not brush their tongue, the only brush their teeth and it is really wrong because tongue has a kind of bad odour when it is not brush; so brushing only teeth can not keep your mouth clean.

Step Three; Bios dental.

Using this kind of mouth wash "bios dental" to wash mouth also help to keep the mouth clean.
I know there are other types out there, this bios dental is really amazing mouth wash it removes
stains from the teeth and also it Clears odour and keeps mouth in a testy condition.

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