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3 Steps To keep mouth Clean

It is really annoying when I  am talking with somebody and I find out that the person has mouth odour, it is like crazy when I look at some one month behold the person teeth is dirty ,I ask myself "toothbrush" has it finished in market or store  or they really don't know what toothbrush is meant for
 . Just follow this 3 step on how to keep mouth Clean

Step 1.Brushing of Teeth. 

Brush your teeth with toothpaste may be my-my  or close up or any one of your choice at least 3 times a day
That is morning, afternoon and night before you sleep .do this for 1 week 

Step 2.Brushing of Tongue .

While brushing the teeth, Brush the tongue the same way you brush the teeth which is morning, afternoon and night before you sleep.
Some people do not brush their tongue  ,the only brush their teeth and it is really wrong because tongue has a kind of bad odour when you keeps it dirty  so brushing only teeth can not keep your mouth clean .
Step 3.Bios dental .
Using this kind of mouth wash "bios dental" to wash mouth also help to keep the mouth clean
I know there are other types out there, this bios dental is really amazing mouth wash it removes
stains from the teeth and also it Clears odour and keeps mouth in a testy condition .

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