Fifth Harmony Singer Comes Out as Bisexual "Lauren Jauregui"In Letter To Donald Trump


  Get it, young lady! Fifth Harmony artist Lauren Jaurequi turned out as swinger in a down to business open letter to President-elect Donald Trump's supporters on Friday, November 18.

"To each and every Trump supporter attempting to state that voting in favor of Trump does not imply that you are bigot, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, butt holes … Your words are useless, on the grounds that your activities have prompted to the independent demolition of all the advance we've made socially as a country," Jauregui started her letter on "You have, with your unadulterated obliviousness and refusal to comprehend the way the legislature and the world works, permitted an eager for power business mogul to assume control over the United States of America."
The 20-year-old songstress went ahead to scrutinize the individuals who voted in favor of Trump for suspecting that "you are better than whatever is left of us."
Lauren Jauregui
Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

"You voted in favor of a man who fabricated a 18-month battle off the back of your contempt," she proceeded. "He controlled ALL of you effortlessly by addressing the darker parts of you that had begun to feel embarrassed about the way you saw the 'politically right' world."

The X Factor alum refered to her own particular Catholic childhood and indicated Trump's supporters absence of Godliness, taking note of that "your God is viewing and He knows your hearts and He knows about the genuine reason you picked such a human to run the most capable nation on the planet, and I guarantee you the God that I have come to know and love is narrow minded of judgment and disdain."

Jauregui included that in spite of the majority of the despise, she has no apprehensions about her identity, now like never before. "I am an indiscriminate Cuban-American lady and I am so glad for it," she composed. 


"I am pleased to be a piece of a group that exclusive undertakings love and instruction and the support of each other. 

 I am pleased to be the granddaughter and little girl of outsiders who were overcome enough to leave their homes and go to a radical new world with an alternate dialect and culture and drench themselves boldly to begin a superior life for themselves and their families."

Recently, Jauregui was snapped on camera bolting lips with a riddle brunette lady amid a wedding photograph corner session (she was later distinguished by Latin Times as Lucia Vives, the little girl of Colombian crooner Carlos Vives.)

The artist finished up her letter by begging supporters of Trump to extend their psyches and quit thinking so barely. "On the off chance that I could tell each Trump supporter two things, it is travel and read a history book. Look past yourselves, take a gander at how negligible the ethics you maintain appear when you understand we are by all account not the only ones," she composed.

"We are not "crying" about our presidential decision losing, we are shouting calls to war against those whose political and individual plans debilitate our lives and rational soundness," Jauregui finished up. "We are ensuring you hear us, regardless of the amount it pesters you, we EXIST."a

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