Raiders fans descend on Mexico City for Monday night conflict with Texans.


Mexico City is known for its extreme contamination and high height. So ought to the NFL significantly consider the city for future extension? USA TODAY Sports

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MEXICO CITY — America's national hymn was not booed at the Estadio Azteca on Monday night, and just a couple of onlookers even raised a shriek of dissent.

Something else, a great old stadium that hurls once it completely fills — and is oftentimes showered in an ocean of shading — was covered in dark.

Marauder Nation spread its wings in expectation of Oakland's eagerly awaited standoff with the Houston Texans as the NFL traveled south amid the normal season interestingly since 2005. These fans came to sneer Brock Osweiler (and some of the time the official), not The Star-Spangled Banner.

American football, Mexican-style, is a tactile blast. We should begin with the scents, since that implies sustenance, which is never a terrible place to begin.

"It resemble a rear end on steroids," hollered Hector Ramirez, a Raiders fan from Sacramento who tooke the red-eye — in a center seat — however arrived Monday morning with a radiating grin and a throbbing back.

"The sustenance is staggering."


Marauders fans in Mexico yell homophobic soccer serenade amid Monday Night Football

NFL stadiums have gone unmistakably gourmet as of late, yet the Azteca is no value expanded ranchers' market. Two-minute noodle containers with a compulsory cut of lime were the most prevalent thing accessible, firmly coordinated by road tacos, carne asada and each kind of salted, sugared or broiled blend that could be stuffed into an unmistakable plastic sack.

A couple of Texans fans stood discreetly chomping in a corner while being tenderly ribbed by the throng of Raiders supporters that defeated them every step of the way.

"What are you folks notwithstanding doing here?" one yelled. "This is Raider-town."

It was, at any rate on this night. The Dallas Cowboys are by a wide margin the best-upheld group in these parts, yet the Raiders are tremendously adored also, in no little part on account of their awful kid picture.

"Mexicans don't care for their games stars to be too beautiful," Jaime Gerner, a previous Mexican-American football player-turned-performing artist, told USA TODAY Sports.

"The same goes for their groups."


Contamination, elevation could make Azteca Stadium "destroying" for Raiders, Texans

Highly contrasting face paint was all over, Raiders pullovers and T-shirts embellished practically every back, and master Oakland rallying calls could be gotten notification from many feet away on the way to deal with the stadium, even three hours before kickoff.

"We want to be noisy," Stephen Grace, a Mexico City independent venture proprietor who beforehand lived in San Francisco, said. "That is the way Mexican games must be. We are not observers. We don't spectate. We come to be a part of the amusement by making a great deal of commotion."

The neighborhood unexpected, be that as it may, was additionally joined by a strong center of voyaging supporters from California. Ramirez was a piece of a gathering of six companions who promised to adventure to the diversion when it was reported. They flew late Sunday night wearing the same pullovers they would in any case be wearing 24 hours after the fact, associated by means of Guadalajara keeping in mind the end goal to secure a less expensive ticket, hit up a nearby bar throughout the evening, before at last having their spot at the Azteca.

"I needed to take the entire week off work to ensure I could go for the Monday night diversion," Paul Diaz, 30, said. "It is OK. I may require whatever is left of the week to recoup."

The guests were invited warmly, and with their wild war paint were popular for photographs. Ramirez remarked that he never knew there were such a large number of football fans in Mexico.

"Not football fans," came the reply from a nearby lady. "Marauder fans."
Oakland Raiders running back Latavius Murray (28) carriesHouston Texans fans react before a game between the
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