Robinson Romo 'will be a diversion' to Dak Prescott.


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Robinson: Romo 'will be a diversion' to Dak Prescott

By Kevin Patra

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Robinson on Romo: He will be a diversion in any case.

Tony Romo's ardent discourse this week struck a harmony as the veteran surrendered the beginning quarterback obligations to Dak Prescott.

The discourse was proposed to streamline the procedure and oust a portion of the "consider the possibility that" inquiries for the Cowboys, thereby tidying up a portion of the distractions for the new kid on the block quarterback.

Not everybody trusts Romo, who is dynamic surprisingly this season today, can wish away the tumult.

Rapoport: Dak Prescott has a long chain as starter
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On NFL Network's NFL GameDay First, Michael Robinson, an ex-Seahawk who was around when Russell Wilson fled with the beginning gig as a new kid on the block, trusts Romo's nearness as a reinforcement will dependably be a diversion.

"I simply imagine that whether he needs to trust it or not, he will be a diversion to Dak," Robinson said. "I mean sooner or later, Dak will experience the freshman issues, he will foul up. On the off chance that Tony Romo was accessible in that Philadelphia diversion through seventy five percent of battling, what might have happened? You know what I mean? To me with Tony not being dressed you don't put your mentors in that circumstance, yet I get (Romo's discourse), he's solid this was his group.

What happens when affliction comes?"

That Prescott has officially experienced a small portion of battles and battled his way back to lead the Cowboys to wins ought to help the instructing staff from considering shortening the chain.

"I comprehend Dak is stating all the right things, all the right things," Robinson included. "However,if he gets independent from every else, when he's in his own calm minutes, he's reasoning there is a person, that he knows can win football games, that is sitting directly behind him."

Now, beside Prescott transforming into Blaine Gabbert or getting harmed, Romo's nearness as a reinforcement will be a bigger number of media grain than an unsettling influence in the drive.

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