Queen of Peace Choir Illemba Ajangbadi Ojo Lagos End of The Year Celebration.

Queen of peace choir is the first mass choir of St Andrews Catholic Church Illemba, Ojo Lagos State Nigeria.

To day been 18/12/2016(sunday) they are doing their end of the year party.
The celebration which  all the members of the "Queen of peace""choir" and their choir master and their chairman were happily celebrating at badagry beach. 

According to one and one talk the  coordinator of Cloud2+ had with one of their member "Cousin Solomon,
he said this is the best of it kind .

Award time.
Award was giving to some of the members because of their dedication to choir activities .
their name is as follows Chioma Okeke ,Gloria,from tenure Emmanuel  Umuokoro ,kinsley, Bro Benjamin received award for the best vocalist while for bass bro chiebolem Okeke and Bro  Cousin Solomon is the best bass Singer of the year. 

Interview time
Coordinator from Cloud2+
Ask cousin Solomon who is among the people that received award, has there be any thing like this before ? He said no, so i ask him if he has received award like this before, he said no,i ask him so how do you feel by receiving this award, he said he is really happy for this award, he added saying, i  did not expect this so I am  very happy  thanks to God. 

Another person that received award that Event coordinator of Cloud2+ where opportune to interview was Emmanuel Umuokoro who is from tenure part please how do you feel for this award? I am really happy he said. 

Below are some of the pictures captured by Event coordinator from Cloud2+

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