the Best Looks from the Critics' Choice Awards.


The 22nd annual Critics' Choice Awards takes place tonight as Hollywood recognizes the year's standout moments in film and television. 

 The event marks one of the first big awards galas of the season, offering a fairly reliable measure for which movies and shows will win big come Golden Globes and Oscars time. 

Top film nominees include La La Land, for which Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are both nominated, as well as Arrival

                              KATE BACKINSAL

                                          NICOLE KIDMAN

                                ALLISON WILLIAMS

                                  NAOMI HARRIS

                                            MICHELLE WILLIAMS

                                     KARRI WASHINGTON

                                             AMY ADAMS

                                                 EMMA STONE

                                      EVAN RACHEL WOOD
                                             HAIEE STEINFELD

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