Why Police Intimidation In Nigeria, Is Getting Out Of hand -Chidi Young.

Why Police ,Intimidation In Nigeria, Is Getting Out Of hand -Chidi Young.
By Chidi Young

I was in tricycle "Keke-na-Pepe",going to a transportation company "Benjas" to do way bill , just a kilometer to the company that am going to.
Hear  harassment by two (2) Police man !
Hey,-hey,-hey,-hey " I was shocked, i kept quite looking at them.
One of them said to the tricycling driver, waiting you carry?
I said to the police man that was interrogating the keke-na-pepe driver ,I am  the owner .

What i heard again was pack, -pack, -pack, the police man said to me what is in side ?
I said it is goods. 

He was shouting hey hey hey ------------.
I was like what kind of human being is this ! Why is he shouting from "left to right", "up and down "Abro police'. 

The driver was silent !
The other police man whom i guess to be the boss ",called me Oyibo (white)  ,what is inside?.
I said it is goods". 

The boss said to me, are sure it's only goods in side there ?
I said yes sir. 

I gave him all the invoice, he said to me, i Will Open it ooh.
I was not with tape to sellotape it if he opens it, so i didn't want him to open it.
Police officers was cross checking the receipt i gave to him .

Police officer # are you the owner of this goods ?
Chidi Young : i said no sir.
Police man # who is the owner of this goods ?
Chidi Young : i replied is my brother.
Police officers # where are you from ?
Chidi Young : i am from Imo State.
Police man # where is your brother doing his business ? 
Chidi Young : Imo State sir.
As he was asking me questions ,so he was checking the receipt ,he said, this one no get letter heading self, are you sure is your own? I did not talk .
Police officers says again this one no get name ooh.
If other police men comes here with vehicle, the will carry your goods go station oo and it will west your time.
In fact Oyibo ( white ) do something, give us money 1500 Naira .

I knew that they were hungry and it most end up with money. 

To avoid wasting my time to do the way bill, i  opened my wallet,the officer was putting eyes in to my wallet ! thank  God " there wasn't enough money in my wallet.
I showed him my wallet and picked 200 Naira and gave him.
Police officer said to me, what are you giving  to me. ?
I said officer i don't have enough money", this one is for the way bill i want to do ,I can not give it to to you ! I am sorry. 

Police man said #borrow from your driver.
I said the person i want to pay, you are still telling me to borrow money from him.
Police officer said in fact bring 500 Naira last. 

I said officer collect 200 Naira, we may see one place or another ooh.
Officer what if the transfer me to another station or state, in fact no see me anywhere.
I started laughing ha ha ha ha, he was astonished by the way i was  laughing .
After laughing in some seconds, I gave him 500 Naira.
The police officer and his colleagues disappeared and i went away.
Please I beg you my Commissioners to try to change the standard of the police-system in Nigeria.
What your boys are doing out there, on the road is not good.

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