Wow a 14years old Nigerian "Author" who become the "youngest" writer in the country.


Chizoba Ekene, a schoolgirl at Kayode Memorial schools, writes a book “Life” describing her experience as a young Nigerian girl.

Chizoba, who dreams to become a journalist, adds that her role models are Professor Wole Shoyinka and Chimamanda Adichie

The author further says that God inspired her to write her first book.

Kayode Memorial schools, Ajangbadi, Lagos , Chizoba Ekene
Fourteen(14)years-old Chizoba Ekene of Kayode Memorial schools has written a book and probably becomes the youngest Nigeria’s author.

The young writer is from Abia state, Ohafia local government area. She is a student of Kayode Memorial schools, Ajangbadi, Lagos and she dreams of becoming a journalist in future.

Chizoba was born to the family of Mr and Mrs Ekene, and she is the first child and the only girl with two younger siblings. She is inspired by happenings around her that is her environment.

Ekene is a young girl that has the enthusiasm towards anything that has to do with writing, though she is a shy girl but loves writing. She can be said to be a young girl with the Midas touch.

 Kayode Memorial schools, Ajangbadi, Lagos , Chizoba Ekene
Chizoba wrote the book first and foremost because she wants to become a journalist in future and also a writer, so she wrote it because she wants to start putting it in practice so that she won’t lose sight of her dreams and career path and also, because the book passes a message of focus and determination, so she wrote it mainly to remind her that she must be focused and determined no matter the situation. Her environment inspired her to write the book.

What led to the writing of the book “Life”
On a faithful Sunday morning when she went to church, her pastor preached on talent using the Bible as a reference, how those who utilized their God’s given talent became fulfilled in life and how those that didn’t use it at all became frustrated.

After the message, she took a pen and a paper and got inspired and that was how “LIFE” started.

Her hobbies are writing, singing, but basically, because of her shy attitude, she opted for writing, since it is just her, her pen and her book. Her role models are Professor Wole Shoyinka, Chimamanda Adichie. She is currently a member of Young Scholars Club which aims at developing young minds and making them prepared to be good ambassadors of Nigeria.

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