21-year-old girl publicly puts her 'virtue' for sale on Instagram


A 21-year-old girl has taken everyone by surprise as she took to a popular Instagram relationship age, Joro Olumofin, to publicly declare that she intends to put her ‘maidenhood’ for sale.

She also dropped her email address for those who might want to patronize her but the admin intentionally cropped out the address because he felt what she intends to do it totally wrong.

According to her post, the young girl revealed that she is a final year student of a popular university in Lagos and due to her lack of money; she is ready to sell her what could be preserved until her wedding night. She added that, it is better she sells it than giving it out to any random guy who might end up breaking her heart.

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  1. Not really wise, although it is what social media is contributing to nowadays ladies.