29-year-old man defiles 14-year-old orange hawker (photo)


The victim who hawks oranges for her mother was regularly seen in the neighbourhood where the suspect lived at Aremo area of Ibadan.

Mustapha who committed the offence on Friday, January 6, expressed his desires to buy oranges from the teenager as a means to lure her in.
Since she was familiar with the criminal and his wife who were regular customers, the victim did not hesitate to take her tray into his room as she used to. She thought his wife would be home with him but it was learnt that the suspect had earlier sent his wife to go and fetch water at a far-away place, before allegedly carrying out heinous the act.

The victim said she struggled with the suspect and screamed for help but nobody came to her rescue. She further said that she had to tell her mother when she got back home because she was bleeding continuously.
She added that she was still visibly in pain as she could hardly walk well when she came to the station to give her statement. The suspect who admitted to committing the offence said it was an evil spirit that manipulated him to do so.

He said: “it is true I raped her, she used to hawk oranges in my neighbourhood, and my wife and I used to patronise her. We also used to collect orange peels from her to use as mosquito repellant."
"That day, she came as usual to sell oranges but, I was repairing a faulty electric cable. My wife had gone to look for water that I would use to bath."

"She asked for water and I gave her. She expressed tiredness, saying that she would rest a little bit but I told her I was going back to motor park to work."

"At a point, I didn’t know the spirit that entered into me and made me to rape her in my room. When I forced my manhood into her, she screamed in pain and I withdrew immediately. I regretted my action when I saw her bleeding and started asking for forgiveness from God."

"I also pleaded with her to forgive me. I paid her the money for the oranges I bought and asked to go home. Two days after, two men came to my house and I was arrested.”

Police public relations officer, Adekunle Ajisebutu, while confirming the crime said the suspect would be arraigned after the conclusion of investigations.

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