The Most Dangerous But Common With People, You Must Read to Save Life (Mobile Phone ) by Chidi young.

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Written By Chidi Young.

This information are based on what I have seen, received, reported to my desk, so,  it is greatly assumed to be  true therefore,  it is not a play neither joke it's all about what to do to save life .

Since the massive growth in technology world, life has been so easy than decades of years ago, 
especially since the invention of mobile phone, living has been so comfortable and enjoyable, unlike years back when things wasn't that easy even to many angles of life.

Everything on this planet earth has a law that governs it, but it is quite unfortunately that many people due ignore the laws of nature while it result to negative effects. 

I want to address on this article the issue of Mobile set and the danger it can caure. 
Mobile phone is so good to human being in numerous ways, it is so helpful as the matter of fact, it can be count as one of the best technology ever made to assist human person ,and its helpful characteristic is even more than hundreds if it were to count in numbers but the fact is, it has a law that guide its proper use and services, which human person need to observe in other to maximize the advantage it offers and rid them selves from its flaw.

Ignorance has killed many, laziness has kept a lot of people in misery situation.
your actions right now can save some one else some where likewise your neglect can cause somebody regret somehow,  somewhere.

the following are the risky of mobile phone,so it is good if we can take note of them as well as to share it with our friends out there both on social platform or by any other means of information or communication and i trust that you will do.

1) filling stations, gas stoves and steaming generators.

  this man sustained this injury while receiving phone call in the kitchen where gas stove is on
 If you take a proper look, you will observed that every petrol station cautioned answering calls at the filling station,like wise answering calls near gas stove or steaming generator, it is risking of life. these things have left many dead while a lot  in pain, like a singer lucky dube one sang teach the world, lets take it on ourself to right wrong when ever we see such happening around us, together, the world will be a better place to live.

2) listening to music with earphone while charging.

this lady died as the result sleeping with earphone
listening to songs or music while charging phone is not good at all , I have gotten series of incident that occurred when someone is listening to music while charging his/her phone.
it is very dangerous .  I have seen some pictures of persons that got burnt simple he/she was listening to music while charging his/her phone .

Therefore it is advisable that when ever we are  charging our phone, try forget about listening to music for that moment ,if you charge to your satisfaction then unplug your phone and listen to your music as you want because as we know, prevention is better than cure.

    the last but not the least in my list I really love to talk about is this

3) Calls When Charging Phone

this person sustained this injury as a result of receiving call while charging his phone

Answering or making calls while charging phone is also another thing that is not good ,because from the information that some people has brought so far to my desk , has proven that it's risky' to answer or make calls while charging your phone.

below is some evidence of what I am talking about. 

the reason for this information is to save life therefore it is important that we understand this , as not being joke or play, so it is also important that we read this over and over again , probably share it out to our social hand out to reach to as many people as possible, may be to our friends as well as our well-wishers.

this lady died as the result of placing her mobile phone on her body while the phone was plug to light.
I, chidi young deem it wise to share this information with a single purpose and interest of saving life and hope that you can help as well just by sharing it too. let the information circulate, get to reach many people as possible out there. thanks for today and do have a great day.

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By Chidi young          

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