Chidi Young - Mothers Day Feast" Women Deserves Respect.


Hi to everyone out there, my greetings to you in a wonderful and exciting way as  to let you know of today being the world remarkable feast day for mothers.

 We ought to show respect to all women especially to every mother around us. 

In my little understanding  ,I feel it will be pretty, if we acknowledge this very Mother's Day feast as a special one and also as a sign of respect to motherhood world wild. 

                 Women are very special and unique, our mothers are awesome, What on earth can be equivalent to our mothers ? What can be In place of  a mother ? 
We all know how stressful it is for one to train up a child, but our mothers ,our dear mama's talks it as their duty, their job and as their Obligations.  

               Man are awesome and so strong though but who knows if man can be able to carry a child in his flat tummy for nine(9) months. ""#
and after the due date , deliver it from his mouth or his anus ...
In my Summary ,the very nature of women are unific  ,and if you really know, that you love your girlfriend, your pretty sister and your unique mother. 

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