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written by chidi Young
In my research on what to blog I found a man that said "my passion to fashion leads me into fashion designer"happy ndimele the CEO of happy World Exclusive. His first response to me was like wow" and it really triggered me to know more about this young man and his company affairs
With out wasting much time let know what is happy World Exclusive Mr ndimele
                                   Happy World Exclusive
Is fashion house where we sew,design and customize all kind of Unisex wears for individuals and cooperate bodies .

How long have you been in this  fashion designing ?
Well I started fashion  when I was 12years old uh and I was schooling and learning at the same time"but what really moves me into fashion  designing is, i love wearing something unique and extraordinary but it is quite difficult to get some one that could make them for me, so I thought of learning as a per time" so that I can visualize my imaginations .

On 2012 happy World Exclusive Was known as happy World collection
and it begins as a subsidiary to nduchalex merchandise .

On 2013 happy World collection became partners with humdinger trend .
In the early 2014 happy World collection left nduchalex  merchandise.
  Currently we have accepted challenges that are involved and taking an extraordinary  measure to bring fashion to what it should be as you can see some of our designs below. 
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What was the reason that makes to you change your company name from happy World collection 
to happy World Exclusive ?
The reason Is that happy World
Collection was  uncooperative that is the actual reason that lead to the changing of the name in late last year to happy World Exclusive in addition to what i said so far there are other businesses that will be coming under fashion designing which i will still update when we get them ready  that is the major reasons for the Exclusive which as well makes it cooperate .

Thank you Mr ndimele for sharing  your affairs with Cloud2 News , we wish you prosperity to
 your undertakings 
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