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May be you are wondering why all the men that comes your way seems not to be interested in any other things concerning you rather than sex or the reason why they pretend to care for you but when they get you down on their bed for sex may be once or twice they get rid of you .

Before We Get Down To The Bottom of This Articles We Will Find out the Major Reasons
Why Men Always Ask Ladies For Sex .

This article is to change some ladies' mindset . you
see, men are not dogs. Not all of them are mad.

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They are not all sex maniacs that once they see you, they descend on you and finish up
before you could open your mouth and say no. Not all the men
on the street wants to get into your pants.

 I'm going to be real and down to earth with this article.

The way some ladies complain that men are always asking them for sex really baffles me. Why sex,
why not marriage proposal ? Why do men always.

want to sleep with you? Why is it that every single
guy who asks you out is always hitting you for sex?
Why won't they marry you unless they have a taste
of the forbidden fruit ? What could be the problem ,
the big problem " , It is not something to be proud of, if what men could see in you is your body attraction and nothing more  , then it is the cause for the alarm !
Below hints is  responsible for what you have been experiencing as a lady even as the matter of fact is the main reason why "what men could see in you is your body and could ask you is sex and not marriage. 

1. CHECK YOUR DRESSING CODE : A female's body means
nothing to her. You are used to seeing your breasts
and every soft body part all your life. It doesn't
mean a thing to you but to guys it means the
universe! Men are moved by sight. Wearing armless
(exposing your shaved armpit and upper arm) can
Keep a man on speechless of the low neckline exposing
the cleavage of your breasts.  trousers, tights
(panty hose) which shows the shape of your
buttock, mini and micro mini skirts exposing your
thigh all can make a man go wild! Better face reality
now and mind the way you dress. Some ladies say
it doesn't matter. Men should be able to control
themselves. They are entitled to what they wear.
Then you should be able to control yourself when
they start asking you for sex and not come here
lamenting all men are dogs !

2. LEARN HOW TO SIT: Some ladies don't know
how to sit. Especially the skirt  sisters is wearing. You
sit in front of a guy and open your laps, what do you
want him to see ? entrance of a trance ? Um , he saw a lot of it
even in the classroom ! Always close your
thigh when you are sitting whether in front of a guy
or not. Not sitting very well can become a habit and
follow you around. And you wonder why all the
brothers in the church wants to sleep with you ! awe "
3. YOU TOUCH MEN A LOT: Ladies who touch, hug
and wrap themselves around guys are sexual
magnets to sexually immature guys. Why are you
always hugging and pecking, for what? Can't you
talk without touching, holding and hugging
someone? Some even sit on their "friend's" lap and
say it doesn't matter . He is just a brother in Christ.
He would soon be a lover in bed . Learn to control
your emotions around the opposite sex . If you must
hug, go look for your fellow lady to hug and peck
and you still need to be careful. Lesbians are all
over the places !
4. CALLING MEN PET NAMES : I hate it when men
call me love - I'm not your love ! I am dear to only
God and my hubby. Some people just throw around
the word "love " as if it is a second language! Why
would you give all the guys in your life pet names?
You say, "thanks love ," "okay sweetie",thanks my darling  " see you
dearie", "bye love", etc., you are looking for serious
trouble. Words like these can turn a man on .

5. YOU PRAISE MEN TOO MUCH: This shouldn't be a problem at all but experience has taught me that
men are attracted and eventually turned on by
women who praise them silly! You can compliment
men if you want to but be  discreet et and casual about it . Don't over do anything. Telling a guy, " wow " !
what a nice  moustache you've got !" or that "muscle
on your arm can make any lady go crazy for you" is
indirectly telling him you like his body and you wouldn't mind if he sleeps with you .

6. YOU SEDUCE MEN: Here, you deliberately wear
provocative dresses with the intention to turn him on . You want to see whether you are sexually
admirable to him and want to see how far he can
respond to your seduction . You don't need that test at all . Men are turned on by women whether you
seduce him or not . A woman's body is built to turn a man on .
7. YOU POST SEDUCTIVE PICTURES ON SOCIAL MEDIA: When I see the way some ladies
pose on Facebook, I wonder what they are really
looking for. Why  Pouting, Do you want him to kiss
you? Why turn your buttocks to the camera? Do you
want him to see how big it is? Why focus on your
chest? Do you want him to know you have firm
breasts? What is the purpose of the pictures you
are posting ?
mission. Sex loves dark and lonely places. Wait,
why are you always avoiding the public? You want to talk ? Can't you still be around people and stay
out of ear shot? What are you talking about that we
must not hear? Send a text message or write a letter. You don't need to hide in darkness to express your heart .

you in a hurry to sleep under the same roof with a
man? Why are you in a hurry? What is your
problem? Some ladies can't even wait for a man to propose them .
They pack their bags and move to his
house immediately. For what? And when that one
gets tired of the sex, he sends them packing and we
are here listening to all their tales of  woe ! Some
don't even expect their man to ask for sex. UH!
Who dash monkey banana? You are here on the same bed with him and looking as fresh as Agege bread straight from the oven and you say he should
not eat? Tufiakwa !

ladies think because they are exceptionally
beautiful, men will always ask for sex so it's not
really their fault that they sleep around.
That is a big lie from the pit of hell !
My mentor is an exceptionally beautiful woman with
large hips. You can easily pick her out from a crowd
because of her hips. She uses no makeup and
jewelry yet she has a stunning face that makes any
man look twice yet she married as a virgin. 14 fire
brand brothers had proposed to her before her
husband came. None of them came because they
wanted to have sex, they literally came because
they wanted to marry her and her fiance never
  pressurized her for sex till she got married. She surrendered her virginity to her man on her wedding night.

You need to work on your mind. Thinking all men
will die for you because you have a hot body is crap ! Not all men lose their senses when they see a
woman with seductive body. All irresponsible,
immature, abusers and users do get attracted to her anyway.

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Mature, godly men don't get their brain
twisted on sporting that type of woman.
Alright, here are the ten possible reasons why men may be sleeping with you and I know you are sick and
tired of being used and dumped. If you really desire
to get married and marry right, I mean you want to
attract a godly man and gloriously settle down to a
beautiful marriage, you will need to work on your
mindset and change your attitude towards men.
Watch what you wear, how you sit, where you go
and the way you behave around men. 

A virtuous lady dresses well to cover her body and comports herself maturely around men.
don't forget that you will be addressed the way you dress. If they are always asking you
for sex. Check what is wrong and fix it, as you correct it get ready for awesome husband and prepare to make a beautiful and great home .
if you really find this articles interesting share it out to reach other people .

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