The most wood Sculpture by Mathew Sani Oluwagwemiga.

Editor:Chidi Young
From small to big, child and adult " everyone  has something in them that drives them.
When we stretch to look at a point to other, we find out that some one is already at the point.
So it is  awesome to see who is already in there , how he started, what keeps him doing what he's doing .

The young man you about to read a word from him is the person that says "my life is all about wood sculpture " Mathew Sani  Oluwagwemiga.

I am a graphic designer, painter and wood sculptor ,I learned graphics from my master couple of years ago but before then, when I was 6 years old, i said that i want to be an artist but i don't know what i was saying but it keeps coming to me day after day, month after month "my thought was all about artist. 

When I grew little older (at the age of 10) , my thoughts went deeps in to wood sculpture this made me became more creative to art work. Because of this drive burning in me i crafted a wood motor which i sold out at the price of N20 and it keeps moving .but now you can see my recent work"


After my secondary school in 2015 , the desire for the wood sculpture is still irresistible in me, this triggered me to crafted an amazing image that really makes some people to keeps pointing at me and say your are talented . even some keeps on telling me to go and study this in Yaba Polytechnic .

The most important thing i found myself doing is that i keeps giving back my profit to my work, I did not say let me take Little from it instead i give all i have to my wood sculptor work.

What has been your challenges in this your wood sculpture Mr Mathew ?
The most Challenge that i have been facing so far is in the area of patronage is  some times too low, when some people will price below cost is really not encouraging but i never mind because I am not even looking at the patronage though , what i keeps my eyes fix and also that is taking my focus and my attention is the future "about been known "globally" which i know that i will get there is no distance time. 

How do you get your inspiration ?
Many a times i got what i sculpture in my dreams or revelations  ,it always shows me what to do,  how to do it and when to do it .

  furthermore, to be realistic i have this drive in me that i want to do " i mean a kind of wood sculpture that will bring the attention of tourism's from different countries to Nigeria .

In conclusion to this scenario I want to say that wood sculpture is a good and great work, and i am not even doing it because of money  No No No,as matter of fact I am doing it because i realized that it is my own calling as well as to leave  my own mark in live .
well thank you Mr Mathew for sharing with Cloud2 News ,we wish you prosperity in all thy endeavors

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