Young Man Leaks Nude Photos Of His Married Lover.


A married woman who was Messing around with a younger man has had her nude photos leaked.

A young man who got angry that his married lover had had enough of him and moved on to another man, decided to do the unbelievable by exposing her nude photos he took from her when the going was fun.

According to the person who sent in the story, the woman is married to a politician based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory and belongs to a clique of married women who keep younger men by the side for sex.


When she met the younger guy, she was so besotted with him that she was willing to do anything for him, including allowing him to take her nude photos.

But when she realized that the guy was stealing her money, she decided to dump him and move on to another man but she did not bargain what she got in return as the guy took to blackmailing her.

He was said to have vowed to leak the nude photos if she did not give him the sum of N28 million and true to his words, he went ballistic and released the photos when she could only pay him N13 million.
This is real  lesson to women.

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