Ogbolu Francis Lucky Birthday .



            Today Hails  Ogbolu Francis Lucky for  Adding A year to his age

            Today been June 5th made a wonderful and a remarkable count to ogbolu Francis Lucky   for  adding another vibrant and blazing year to his age.

            ogbolu Lucky  as this count is marked to your age to day , May it as well adds many count to all your endeavours in Life in years to come .

             We Celebrate you Mr Ogbolu Francis lucky  , because there is two important days in one's life, day of birth and the day of death.

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And as to date been your birthday that is why
, we are too excited for you , more especially for the great work, which you are doing in Christ Jesus .

              Ogbolu Francis Lucky  , we say happy Birthday to you in a wonderful and exciting way .

         We also say, may your years to come  be enrich with good health, prosperity , plentiful grace of God .
May your years  ahead be amazing and colourful

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