New Update : the Latest GB Whatsapp Apk 5.70 with New Features Is Available Download Free.


                            Top features 
  1.       It has HD video chat 
  2.       It has clear sound voice chat 
  3.       It has gallery clips that contains both document and so forth and so on 
  4.      It has the capability to highlight text message 
  5.       It has Direct share Aero 
  6.      It is very free to handle unlike the previous version 
  7.    It has Status icon were some one can upload his Or her picture for friends view 
  8.     It has recording icon,were somebody can hold to record voice massage 
  9. It has amazing search box for searching contacts 


     You can make use of two whatsapp on one mobile phone, how  ? 

Below is How to make use of two whatsapp on one mobile phone .

   It requires two sim card to operate it in this way .

Secondly Download the GB Whatsapp Apk ,install it, then use another phone number to register it That is how it works.

        Take a look at the picture below 
It's wonderfully working for me and it will as well work for you 

                            Click below  To download update version 5.70 Apk App of GB Whatsapp .


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