Seven (7) Things That Attract Pick Pocketing by "Chidi young".

Seven (7) Things That Attract  Pick Pocketing by "Chidi Young".

Most times , we have seen different people  been Intimidated, Abused, Rub and beaten in other to collect, theft or steal from them. And still it keeps on repeating time with out number and day after day.

So i see it as a challenge to people that is why i want to Highlights some essential reasons that Arouse the attention of pocket pickers, As we Go.


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Showing up your wallet, your purse or putting your wallet or your purse where public will be seeing it, Is considered to be one of the core reason why some people are been rub and abused by Pocket Pickers .

Wallet or Purse are meant to be put inside  pocket or bag (note unpublic ) .

So putting it where public will be seeing it regularly is among the crucial things that attract Pocket Pickers Attention .


             money ,wallet, bag ,puls ,to thieve
                  yes I want to talk about the second essential thing that arouse the interest of pocket pickers.

UNCLOSE bag, purse so fort and so on are another Eye-opener to pocket pickers.

So if you unintentionally disremember to zip up your bag or your purse meanwhile showing up the contents in  the bag or purse  is one of the crucial reason that can attract the attention of pocket pickers.


                counting money ,open place robbers can thieve
Wow , We are at the third point of this significant HighLight.

And  in this spark point three , it is very very common with people (counting money in the public) .

Many do this, just  to show up that they have it , (that is guy or pride) while others do it but they do not really know what it May costs them later.

The fact is that you do not know who is behind you or who is at your back , likewise who is peeping from the corner , either from front or otherwise.

So counting that money of yours in the public is just like telling who it May concern (Pocket Pickers ) that you have the money.

And it arouse their attention to pick even your boxers or bloomer at there reach they would Pick it.


                    expensive jewelries and necklace can course armed robbers to attack
         jewellery is good to wear , in fact , it makes one to appear nice , handsome and beautiful " All is awesome .

But when you are putting on Expensive gold or silver necklace or gold or silver chain , It's better " you know the type of place you will enter, the type of ceremony" that you are going with it and the Area you want to go to Visit a friend.

Meaning after you have dressed up and have finished putting on all your beautiful gadgets or thingamajig that really makes you feel like you are "Good To Go" or the "World is in your Palm" may be it's makes you feel like the "World is in your Control"".

you should be security conscious, because how good you appear is now bringing many eyes on you and can attract the attention of the pocket pickers to come to pick some from you , Be careful" and be smart.


                  2 to 3 phones, car, bike
             In my research on the cause of picking pocket,  I came about 2  to 3 mobile phone at one's , walking with mobile phone like a phone seller at IKEJA PHONE VILLAGE or ALABA  PHONE VILLAGE .

so to  flash more light on this, it is one of the crucial reason why some people are been Rub even beaten up at the process.

Going out with more than one Handset , is just arousing the attention of those that it may concern that is (pocket pickers ) to attack likewise putting your smartphone in a short pocket where by the phone did not enter inside the pocket especially in some busy cities like LAGOS,  OWERRI , ABA, ONITSHA and BENIN city even in some open market like Alaba international Market Ojo Lagos , New Market Owerri , Arairia Market ABA , Onitsha Main Market and so forth and so on " so be  watchful.

                            expensive wrist watch ,silver, gold diamond

      Expensive wrist watch Or a  good quality wrist watch is nice to wear though , but be aware that the gold or silver wrist watch you are wearing or you want to wear Is gonna bring many eyes on you.

And the fact is all this eyes that are looking at your wrist watch  , all this eyes are not genuine.

Few are just admiring it because it is beautiful and nice probably it is of good quality , but many of these eyes that are stirring at it "want it" , they want to steal it , they want to pick it .

Imagine when you are walking and some group of person are following you up ,  
                             you do not know why ?
You thought that they are on their own but you do not know, that it is because of what you are carrying , I mean the  nice wrist watch on your arm is the cause of the Alarm .

Imagine you been beating up because they want to collect or theft it.
but the fact is the wrist watch is yours .
Be security Conscious Every Where You Go .


          hanging bags ,luggage ,shoes ,cloth
We are on the last segment but not the least on our significant things that attract picking pocket , this last segment are proudly and superciliously carried out by majority of youth.

Often times backpack or carrying packsack triggers pocket pickers attention , it makes them feel like at least they can get some thing from it .

That is to say , it arouse their concern, alert their focus and it changes their thoughts to what could be inside that Bag  ? They would want to give a try .

But the fact is the bag you are carrying is your own and somebody somewhere is peeping at it " the truth is you get to be Vigilant and security conscious in other to avoid dragging what is yours , with someone you do not know who he is ! (Pocket Pickers ) , Be Smart and Be Vigilant .

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Conclusion  I believe that these seven significant point about pocket pickers are be able to open some ones eye and make some one to be wise and Security at conscious all the time .

And if there is something that you that read this, would love to say either contribution or subjection go ahead to make it known to Us , use comment box or contact us form thank you. Go to Next