Is A Fake and Scam Website ,What makes It "Fake" or "Scam" Site ? Read This .

Fake Site
If you want to know answers of questions like what is Whether casheast is real or fake or whether  Cash east is Legit or Scam, then you are on the right page.

In our Cash east review, We will discuss about Cash east background, Cash east payment proofs, and many more.
      All this said in Cash east dashboard
In the given review above and below, You will find every answer which will proof to you that Cash east is a scam website .

Cash east doesn’t pay to anybody and this site belongs to a scammer group. So now as to make it clear it is aa fake, bad and scam website.

His did we know that? Read go down.

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Now we discuss what are the reasons behind to declare a Scam /fake Website.

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What is  Crash east and Why It is a bad  website?

In the official website of, there is no information given about who owns or manage this website.

Cash east domain "" was also  registered privately, So it is hard to tell who is the owner of this site.

When any job company owner doesn’t come in front of their members then it is a good sign of not been legit or not good to work on that website.

Most times site owner hide their real identity if they belong to past scams.

Cash east is not the only site on the internet that is scam, There are many sites which are similar to Cash east.

It indicates that Cash east is also from the same scam network with Duty trend.

Almost daily new sites are opened by this group, Some sites closed with in some months, some are active from many years and some sites has been transferred to new domain.

Cash east claims to pay good amount of money when you work on their site and the work is very simple which takes only sharing of the links that they provide , to complete a task.

When you join the site, They will give you a referral link and you have to promote this link on forums, blogs, facebook wall , Twitter Page WhatsApp groups so fort and so on and when some one click on this link you will earn $10.

Now you are thinking, How easy to earn money from this site? But, Wait a minute.

You obviously see your account balance is increasing, But when you reached on the minimum cashout limit which is $300 and request for payout, This site  Cash east will just carry the person to dating site or advert site that will tell you to subscribe .

This site make money when someone subscribe to any of those advert site, the owner gets commission from them. So this site is open to make money for themselves, not to pay you.

All the payment proofs which they are showing on their site are completely fake and scam.

You can find many complaints on  the internet concerning Cash east ,many are Victims to so called working

Cash east doesn’t pay anybody. So stay away from this site and the sites which are similar to Cash east.

Conclusion. is a completely fake site, You will not get any payment in check as the said or other wise from this site.

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If you want to ask any question about Cash east then please leave your comment below. We are Happy to help you.

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