This upcoming brown boy" an Inspirational and motivational aspirant known by his pop name as Chidi Young has divulge his powerful inspirational quotes that can be best described as what it Is called.
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Quotes are said to be from Wise men, and it run to the mind and to the heart of knowledge desired personnel's .

1) In quotes , From the power of inspiration, we get "INSPIRED " and in  the strength of motivation , we are "MOTIVATED ".

2) Being at the top and being at the Bottom" Both attract points but the difference is that they are UN-SYNONYMS

2) Giving more attention to a problem rather than solution makes it "GAIN WEIGHT ".
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4) What you continually Seeing and what you continually Hearing changes your thought and your thoughts decides your "DESTINATION".

5) What ever your eyes can See " if it has eyes and look at your direction it has the "CAPACITY " to See you.

6) Trying to change what that can not "CHANGE " is like using spoon to be taking water from the Ocean with the intention of drying it up, It can never work out.

7) A person unintentional behavior is simply lack of "FOCUS ".

8) Nothing is common that very little thing can be "ADDITIONAL".

9) No one can truthfully "EXPLAIN" , what he or she did not "EXPERIENCED" In other words No one can testify what he or she did not test.

10) Impatient is a goal "BULLDOZER ".

11) He who dance to the tone of the "FLESH " dance to the "BUNCH of DUST " but he who dance to the tone of the "SPIRIT" dance in the "SUPERNATURAL".

12) Determination is the vehicle that carries one to his or her expected "END "in other words determination is the Key to every "ACHIEVED GOAL".

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13) Destiny of a man drives his "PASSION".
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14) There is nothing on this planet earth that is as fearful as "EYES".

15) A man divine career "GUARANTIES" the fulfilments of his divine "DESTINY ".

16) Divine planned destiny for a "MAN" is to fulfill the God's ordained purpose to his "LIFE" in his "WORLD ".

17) Do not "IGNORE" to settle any issue that raises while it still "COMING UP"before it grow strong and keep you "SLEEPLESS" night.

18) Knowledge at the first sight most times come with "ERROR", be careful before you get click on only to get "REMORSE" displaying "NIGHTMARE " while you are asleep.

19) Trusting a brother or an auntie for certain "HELP " some time, can only left you to "DISCOVER " that not only "NIGHTMARE" is real"
there is also a "MIDDAY - MARE" .

20) Be careful in handling things you see or take as "NOTHING" because there will be a day that you will probably be in need of some thing like that , then you will realize that "CARELESSNESS HURTS".

21) Things gotten too "FAST" , End up so "QUICK".

22) Working with crowd should not "ENTICE" you  much because nothing "GREATER " can come from there .

23) Great "MEN"  are known by what they "DO" .

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24) Constant pressing on a "HARD SURFACE" maks it lose "QUALITY " likewise constant pressing (trying) can "ASSURE " breakthrough (result).

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