One of MTN Headquarter in Lagos Nigerian 
MTN Nigeria these days is just rubbish network, no more giving good service to their clients/customers.

I don't know why all these, and even our network communication board is not doing anything about it. If nobody wants to talk about it or want to speak out, I will speak my mind.

Nigeria is my country, our lovely country and if i see any thing going wrong in this our dear country Nigeria, it as my obligation to comment on it, to speak against it, I'm out and no more going back or no more staying behind.

MTN Nigeria these days is very annoying.
If MTN can not be able to give great Nigeria good service then Nigerian Government  should bind their network and service let's move ahead with other telecommunication networks in Nigeria they are not the only one.

So if they are unable to meet up to good services standard to our able country Nigeria.

Then they should be bind and live our country and go any elsewhere in the world to establish their so called Telecommunication network empire.

They keep on extorting and debiting people unnecessary, this is stealing for human sake.

The corruption in Nigeria is just like what MTN Nigeria is doing.

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Who will speak for the masses, who will make the opinion of the people known to the Government.

What MTN Telecommunication in Nigeria is doing is very bad not only that, they are thieving the poor/masses to add to their own benefit , what a nonsense.

If Nigerian Government and the board that has the authority to do something about it and that can look in it are actually doing nothing about it, then you and me (we) that is being cheating all day long should stand up to speak against it with what ever medium available or any means which one can use to speak out.

If it demands that we should protest against it nation wild, in other to stop the cheating and unnecessary deduction which MTN Nigeria is doing, then we will go ahead, so far it is  our right to do so, we have the right to say our mind.

Because I greatly believe that if someone/organisation is doing what one does not like, there is a tendency to let the person/company know that what they/you are doing is not good.

No more being quite, no more being scared. We are the Nigerians, This is our country and we all love our country Nigeria to be good for the masses.


So if any of so called company or organisation want to spoil Nigeria for us, we must say no way, we won't allow that to happen .

If Nigeria is good, great" it is for you and me, I mean it is for all both rich and poor and if it is bad it is still on our desk to put it right .

We are Nigerians, to God be the glory,. And so we must make sure that our country Nigeria is good for the benefit of  all Nigerians even those yet to born, because they too will benefit from the goodness of our country Nigeria, if it is good .

It is good to build a good reputation for our country Nigeria, that will be corruption free and that can not be easily contaminated by corruption.

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