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Blogging Pays


1)  What Is Blogging?
2)  How to get paid from Blogging?
3)  Is Blogging a Business?

May be as a blogger, you have been blogging yet nothing is coming out from it, despite the energy you put to your blogging system, even your thought and your Imaginations of what you wanted it to be like but no avail of subsequential proof of income.

the most important of all, which is the Time spend day in, trying to get things right, yet no meaningful outcome, even the money which you are putting to your blogging, which is in form  of data, MB, GB so forth and so on and yet is like you are getting tired because nothing is coming out.

But do not be discourage the answer to all of the above is right Here before you on this page.

Briefly let's talk about what is blogging? Blogging is said to be a platform of publishing an article /post on the Internet (Web).

There are many different reason why people are in to blogging, some are in to it, because they want to share their experiences, knowledge or ideas with others while many are in to it as a business.

Well all of the above is awesome.

But before going further, let me take this privilege to introduce to you the person that is taking you on this most wanted topic on the Internet to day.

As you are on this page right now, "congratulation", because i know that before you leave this page, you will get directions on how to get the most from doing what you love doing.

And how to get Smile from Blogging. I'm Chidi Young , the online and offline Affiliate Marketing Consultant and a motivator.

On brief note, we have known what blogging is all about and next we will be showing light on the second one, on this segment, which is the most important part of this post/article.

And I believe that if you follow the principles that will be giving to you in a short while, you will begin to see reasons to be smiling while you are doing your job.

Now the big question but small to answer is  CAN I GET PAID FROM BLOGGING? YES YOU CAN.!

The second question is centered on HOW CAN I GET PAID FROM BLOGGING ?

at this point I will be breaking it bit by bit, so that one can clearly understand it. okay let's go.

There many ways in which one can get paid from Blogging but I will mention very few of them, that are within the reach of even the beginners, and on this topic i will be going with the easiest one that any body can do.

WAY TO GET PAID FROM BLOGGING 1 , as a blogger and a writer, you can get paid by writing article for  somebody, companies both private or other form's of organisations.

I have gotten several deals on this platform and it really pays, but this is not our main target for this topic.

WAY TO GET PAID FROM BLOGGING 2,  this second one doesn't come often but if you get reliable Client, it may be from private or public company.

you will be making your Money.,
How ? as a blogger you will be posting quest post and you will be paid for it.


Advertisement" on this note this is in form of creating money machine, you will be getting much money from this platform.

How? right now, you're on Internet, package your blog /site very well both your profile, about Us so forth and so on, then begin to write to companies for Advert.

Note this, don't beg any for them to come to Advertise on your blog instead give reasons why they should Advertise on
your Blog /site.



Affiliate marketing, now we have finally arrived to the subject matter of this topic.

Wow this is the Big deal, I mean the main business that I want to talk about. I will make it short because if I'm to break it bit by bit, it will take a lot of write up and fill all the gaps.

but i do not want you, to get bored while reading this awesome and outstanding post.


Briefly Affiliate marketing is a kind of cooperating with other online marketing companies.
to show more light on this, this is were the Advert term PAY PER CLICK (PPC) comes in.

Note this, Don't belittle the percentage that the marketing company offers their clients

Having known all these, But now the greatest fear to all is, How to know the legit  and trusted Sites that are paying up to date.

In other to run away from scam websites because they are many online.

The undeniable truth is that, about 90% of sites on the Internet that are promising to pay, or come and earn are fake and scam.

But as I'm in to the business, I will list the very sure legit and trusted sites that are paying, even as of Now. So smile


1)ANONYMOUS ads   2)SFI 


Join me, chidi young, and I'll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 19th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!

 Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Last thing to talk about, IS BLOGGING A BUSINESS?

if I am to answer this question properly, it will takes a lot of explanation but never mind, I will  brief it to our clear understanding.


many people are very focused on their blog this days, as the matter of fact, many are blogging full-time, that is they are devoted to it, it is the source of their livelihood and  like seriously they are actually getting all that they need to take care of them self's, even as their family.

they are satisfy from what they are getting from Blogging.
While many are also per time bloggers .

The two are great though and  is beautiful truthfully.

But the point here is you can make a big deal from your per time blogging, if you are devoted to your time.

How ?  Know your time and work with your time as you have scheduled it and concentrate on just doing it with out minding what is happening in other not to be un-focus , just in no time , you will see your self smiling, because you are now making head out from Blogging. See you next time i am chidi young a friend.


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