Today Shout Out To Maverick Uze As He Celebrate His 16th Birthday.


 To day shout out to maverick Uze the 16th years old South African rapper and a producer, as the sky turned blue for the celebration of his 16th birthday.
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maverick Uze 

maverick Uze As He is popularly known by his colleagues and friends has added  plus( +)1 to day.

A well talented young man with awesome, amazing and outstanding features and unbelievable performance


 At this age of 16,  has started shaking the whole of maftown in the city of Mafikeng, South Africa.

Below is one of his hot single tracks titled
-Rise Again
-The one I want
-Baby don't leave me
-On a Roll .

As today "rocking" the ground for his birthday not only in Mafikeng , South Africa but all over Africa, takes notice of his D-day and big day of birth.

Wow this is great, and beautiful because, seeing the young people bobbling up is a wonderful thing.

Well, it's beautiful and we over the media, also join your family and friends all over the world,  to show you love because you are our friend too by  saying maverick Uze happy birthday to you, hip hip hip hooray .

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