A Man Beat His Wife to Stupor For Having Sex With His Brother(see pics) .


 Every day, may  be  for a thief but one day is for the owner.

How bad it is, after long time  operation and only in a day, displays the remorse of life.

Any Women who do not  respects her marriage, will  end up being disgrace.

What  a woman who has been unfaithful to  the husband but to her bad day, she was caught red handed in one of her brother in law bedroom by the husband who out of annoyance, beat  her up like a tinker basin.

In spite of all the beaten, the man could not utter a word because of the anguished of what his saw, this  could only left him in taciturn mood , the only thing he could say is but why?

A man that never believe,  that something like this could happen to him especially from  his  own  household . what else shouldn't i expect, since the worst has happened he said.

From the comments we got, this very  woman said, is this proper as my husband beat me up like this because I mistakingly   slept with husband  brother,  she continue saying, not even minding if my eye would got  blind at the process of beaten me.

As the other brother in laws  heard of this statement, she uttered they were very  angry and added more beaten to her.

This left her children in a shameful and speechless mood without a word rather than to be crying as the beaten became more intensive on their mother.

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This incident left the entire family and community in a no statement mood . The elders of the community could only say, this is absolutely unacceptable and abomination but we will shape it up and handle it as it should be handled he added while he laments on.