The Most Bizarre And Shocking Women Even With Special Facial Care Treatments Failed .....


Bizarre And Shocking Women Some are Very Rich And Wealthy Even With Special Facial Care Treatments ,Hefty Health Insurance Failed To Heal Them

9) Michele Kobke – Woman With The Smallest Waist

8)Valeriya Lukyanova – The Human Barbie

Most Bizarre And Shocking Women In The World Today Even Special Facial Care Treatments ,Hefty Health Insurance Failed To Heal Them

                       Valeriya Lukyanova -Top 8 Most Bizarre And Shocking Image

Nope, she is not a CGI character. She ACTUALLY looks like that. Lukyanova was born in Ukraine and she was so obsessed with Barbie dolls that she actually became one. She became a model when she was 19, saved up some money, got herself a health insurance policy in Russia and spent it all on plastic surgery procedures. If only Micahel Jackson had those surgeons to work on his face, he would have looked like a Barbie too, LOL. Now, she is 31 years old and lives in Los Angeles where she poses as, you guessed it, Barbie in comic cons and models for several agencies.

7)Mayra Hills – World’s Largest Natural Breasts

With a whopping cup size of 32Z, Mayra has literally pushed her name into the record books for having the world’s largest natural breasts. She is 33 years old now and obviously, with her attributes, she could only work in the porn industry. She even has a health insurance plan for her assets, LOL. The German bombshell did a lot of adult modeling and pornographic work in her mid-20s but has recently taken a break from it all and with all the fortune and attention she has earned, she is now living peacefully in her estate in LA.

6)Asha Mandela – The Real-Life Rapunzel

Asha Mandela was actually born in Trinidad and Tobago but she migrated with her parents to the US. Now, she is 30 years old and she holds the record of having the longest natural dreadlock. The official length at the time of registration was 55 Feet. With hair that long, she can’t hold a normal job and resorted to modeling for hair care products. The good folks at Ripley’s took her on a world tour as well and now she endorses many skin, facial and hair care products and enjoys living in the limelight.

 5)Jyoti Amge – World’s Shortest Woman Alive

bizarre-women-4She is 23 years old and believe it or not, a millionaire. Of course, the road to fame was not easy. She left school at a very early age due to bullying and ridicule she faced as a kid but when she got the official title from the Guinness, she became an overnight celebrity in India and gained the attention of international media. She has 4 siblings but they are all normal, compared to Jyoti at least as none of them is over 4 feet tall. She also appeared as “Ma Petite” in the famous, American TV series, American Horror Story and now lives a glamorous

4)Kim Goodman – Most Popped Up Eyes

How is that for an eye-opener? Kim Goodman is 45 years old now and still, holds the record of popping her eyes out of her eye sockets up to 12 millimeters. She first came to the media attention back in the early 90s and shocked the world with her bizarre ability. Surprisingly, she still has a 20/20 vision and roams around the world displaying her talent. Of course, her claims to get a proper health insurance do not cover anything regarding her eyes which, is understandable. She first did the trick to scare her brother when she was still a kid and discovered that she can actually scare the living hell out of an unsuspecting person.

3)Irina Kazakova – Most Flexible Contortionist

2) Charity Pierce – The World’s Fattest Woman

The world’s heaviest woman, Charity Pierce weighed a staggering 765 pounds and was on the verge of dying when her fiancé and sister forced her to change her excessive eating habit and lose weight. Her health insurance plan was canceled so she had to beg doctors and several charities to give her a gastric sleeve surgery. Finally, she received the procedure and 2/3 of her stomach was cut. By the end of 2016, she had lost almost 440 pounds and needs to lose another 220 pounds so she can walk down the aisle to marry her fiancé. Talk about solid determination.

1) Karen Overhill – Most Extreme Multiple Personality Disorder

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