Facts About Duta, the Top WhatsApp Messenger For Group.

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Here is some fact about  Duta,as many might been wondering what is Duta, who runs and manage Duta, where is Duta coming from, well we have brought some interesting facts and information about Duta Network or Whatsapps messenger for group and before one could finish reading this post one  will get to know properly what Duta is.  

What is Duta? 
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The first and fastest WhatsApp Messenger Duta Network 
Duta is A Whatsapps  messenger (it can also be called Duta network)  for group providing more than tens of Services to A group via subscription with mobile number . 

 Where is Duta service coming  From? 
Duta Services  is coming  from Silicon Valley and Chennai,  India where  it serves as their headquarter  with newsrooms in the USA,  and Spain. 

Duta crazy messenger is among the top  fastest growing Indian's start up and an emerging international media company, serving millions of subscribers across the globe at the service response  rate of 00.00.05 seconds. 

What is Duta work?
 Duta work is to bring subscribers what they subscribe for  via Whatsapps number and telegram. 

Duta Whatsapps messenger Work includes engaging interactive services and devotional content via popular mobile messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Telegram. 

Duta network We’re funded by VCs who were early stage investors in the likes of Facebook, Lyft and Snapdeal. 

Duta  leadership team comprises successful, experienced tech and entrepreneurs,  below are the founders of www.duta.in

#1 Anand Ranganathan
Anand Ranganathan was the founder of Efficient Frontier, a unified online advertising platform for managing search engine marketing (SEM)

Efficient Frontier grew to over $1Bn of advertising spend managed across the world, and was acquired by Adobe, Inc for $450M in 2011. 

Anand has a background in Computer Science, he is one of the inventors of Amazon's Mechanical Turk, and has also founded Oximity, and is an advisor at Stunning and Predict Effect.

#2 Vikram Vijayaraghavan
Vikram Vijayaraghavan has more than a dozen years technical experience with complex, large-scale computing systems and management experience running an India engineering and services office.

 Vikram has a Masters in CS (with Distinction in Research) & Elec. Engg. from Stanford University, California as well as a B.L from Madras Law College. 

Vikram was one of the key engineers at Efficient Frontier and was the founder of Efficient Frontier India in 2005. Vikram is a Partner in the renowned taxation law firm Subbaraya Aiyar, Padmanabhan & Ramamani, Chennai. 

Vikram is the founder of Vulcantech Software and RMT International School, one of the leading schools in Chennai.


#3 Rakesh Mathur
A veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Rakesh Mathur has created and led over a dozen startups and technologies that have impacted millions of lives. 

Mathur founded and served as CEO of Junglee, whose virtual database technology paved the way for online comparison shopping, and which sold to Amazon.

 In the last two years, two of his bootstrapped startups, Just Chalo and Droptalk, were acquired by OpenTable and Dropbox. Mathur also founded Webaroo, the world’s largest SMS community with 35 million subscribers.


#4 Rocketship VC

Rocketship VC is an fund pioneering to Duta and a quantitative data-driven approach to venture investing. 

 rocketship.vc provides a bridge to Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs around the world. 

They have created start-ups worth more than $1B at exit, and were instrumental in the creation of Amazon.com’s marketplace, mechanical turk and @Walmartlabs. 

They were also among the earliest backers of Facebook, lyft, and snapdeal. 

#5 North Base Media (NBM)

 North Base MEDIA, an early-stage investment firm
 The Principals at NBM are leaders and pioneers in the media space with over two decades of experience combined heading world-famous news media organizations.