I Caught My Father Having Sex With My Best Friend,Am Scared Of What Will Happen Next.


Sarah and Rita grew up together and many people did not know that they were not related. But the sins of the flesh is threatening to tear them apart.

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My name is Sarah, a 23-year-old lady. I am in my final year at a private university in Ogun State, Nigeria.
I am in a dilemma at the moment after catching my father having sex with my best friend, Rita, on my mother's matrimonial bed. I am very angry with both of them and I have vowed to tell mummy what I saw though I know this could cause serious issues in their marriage.

Rita and I have come a long way right from our secondary school days. We lived on the same street and our parents were family friends which made us become more like a sister.

While growing up, many people did not know that we were not related because of our closeness. We went everywhere together, wore the same clothes, played pranks on people and generally related like twin sisters.

Rita had a free rein in my house and it was the same with me as I could go to their house even when she was not around and no one would question why I was there.

We were at the university when her parents had to move back to their village after her father was made a traditional ruler and naturally, Rita had to stay with us till she graduated.

While I am in school in Ogun State, Rita schools in Lagos, and as such, she has more access to go home anytime she wished.

This thing happened three weeks ago when I went home unexpectedly and caught her having sex with my own father.

I needed some money urgently and daddy, being someone you have to cajole before giving you money, I knew it would be a waste of time calling him on phone. I needed to see him face to face to convince me to give me the money.

I knew that mum had traveled to Europe to get stuff for her boutique and being a Saturday, I knew dad would be at home, so I planned to get the money and go back to school before it was late.

The moment I opened our gate, I had a premonition that something bad was going to happen but I quickly pushed such a thought out of my head.

My siblings had all gone off to their various schools, so I was not expecting to meet anyone apart from daddy at home, so I used my key to open the sitting room door and went straight to the kitchen to get some water.

After drinking the water, I went to daddy's study but did not find him there, and I guessed he would be in his room, and went there to meet him.

But as I made my way to the bedroom, I heard some sounds and stood still to listen very well. The sounds came from daddy's room and they were sounds couple make in the throes of love making.

Like I said, I knew mum was not around, so I wondered who my father would be making love to on her bed. I was boiling with rage when I pushed the door to the bedroom and fortunately, the door was not locked and there on my mother's bed, was my father having wild sex with Rita, my best friend and sister.

When they saw me, they quickly scrambled apart and reached for their clothes to cover their shame. For a moment, I was tempted to rush at Rita as she cowered behind daddy's back but I restrained myself and simply walked away.

Daddy knowing that my calmness meant more harm than good, came after me but I rebuffed him, stormed out of the room and went back to school.

he has been pleading with me to forgive him and keep what I saw secret while Rita has been trying to talk to me but I have refused to listen to any explanation from them.

I feel betrayed by the two people I loved dearly. I am now tempted to tell my mother what I saw but I fear what would become of their marriage. I don't want to be the one behind the collapse of my parent's marriage but I still can't get the scene I saw out of my head.

As for Rita, I have told her I never want to see her in my house again and God helps me if I dare meet her anywhere.

What do I do?

Sarah."Dear readers, after going through Sarah's story of betrayal on Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?