A Banker Bode Akinsanya Got Burned Because Of Hand set Torch Read The Cause .

By Chidi young

Bode Akinsanya is a huge black young man who did not know that  yesterday did prepare death for him .

Just a young man that came back from work like usual, went to the generator park  to start his generator with his phone torch on his mouth that is how the young man got burned that leads to his fairwel to the world

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According to the person that send the information on our WhatsApp platform further more said that,  Bode Akinsanya was a staff of FCMB Bank Ogba Branch, according to him, he said that Bode Akinsanya  later passed on yesterday as a result of burnt suffered while operating his generator with his phone torch.

As he further more urged every one that comes across this post to take a proper look at the Bode Akinsanya picture which was as a result of starting generator with mobile phone torch.

And he also urged readers to share this very post with friends and families so that others will take precautions and cease from doing the same thing that Bode Akinsanya did  that leads to his death.

#Reporter comment
Please never operate a generator  set with phone touch. Educate all your friends and family please. (share as read )

 Bode Akinsanya, staff of FCMB, died, burned by generator
The huge young man who as a
result  of starting generator with
 mobile phone Bode Akinsanya 

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