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Enyiogugu Town / Towns in Mbaise by chidi young...

Enyiogugu, Aboh Mbaise, Ahara Town, Aboh Town, Nguru Town, Imo State, cities in Imo

Enyiogugu is a town located in Mbaise region of Imo State, Nigeria.

Enyiogugu is made up of nine (9) villages, which is as follows according to elderly arrangement Umuelem | Ulakwo | Eziala | Umugaragu | Umueze | Oboama | Umuokele | Umuoye |  Umuhu. 

This Enyiogugu is also surrounded by several Town/villages, few to mention are  Mbotu | Lagwa | Ibeku which is referred as Okwuato | Center Nguru | Eziala Nkohu | Avuvu | Emii | Emekuku |Ngor Okpuala  and others. 

Enyiogugu has four autonomous communities with its Town located at the center of this nine villages, The four autonomous communities are as follows Olaelem autonomous community | Ezigaragu autonomous community | Ezelach Igwe autonomous community and  . 

 Enyiogugu Town serves as business centre for both to  the villagers, the residents  and the environ.  

Enyiogugu Town has one of the biggest market in Mbaise popularly known as Afor Enyiogugu market.

 This very market attracts distance business men and women as far as from Owerri, Aba so on and others.  it is also where Enyiogugu Secondary school | St Charles Catholic Church is located  and it is as well,  where Enyiogugu Unity Cup Competition annually being host . 

Enyiogugu Town is currently regarded as the top third growing town in Mbaise after Ahara Town/City which is the first and seconded by Ogbe Town. 

The major people living in this growing 
Enyiogugu Town which is located at the center of Enyiogugu, almost 85% are the indigenes of Mbaise, Enyiogugu precisely | Igbo's | Hausa's | Yoruba's and some south south people. 

 Enyiogugu Town,  as well serves as central business district (downtown) to the following Town/villages Mbotu | Lagwa | Ibeku which is as well regarded as Okwuato | Center Nguru | Eziala Nkohu | Avuvu | Emii | Emekuku | Ngor Okpuala and others. 

And it's town is being borders by the following communities Umugaragu | Eziala | Umueze | Oboama and Umuokele 

The nearest cities to Enyiogugu Town are owerri and Uhuahia while the closest town to it is Emekuku town and Ahara town and it is also a lead way to Sam Ambakwe Airport (FAAN) in Okpoala,  Imo State through Owerri - Uhuahia Road joined in Afor  Enyiogugu . 

At the speed of 80-100 km/sec by car from Owerri city to Enyiogugu Town could take up to 40-45 minutes while from Enyiogugu Town to Ahara Town will probably be 10-15 minutes. 

Enyiogugu Town is among the top town's in Mbaise region of Imo State that currently attracting the interest of  big marketers, business owners and  investors attention for building of industries, manufacturing companies etc.
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