Things To Know About " Umugaragu" Enyiogugu, Aboh Mbaise by chidi young.

Umugaragu is a village in Enyiogugu Aboh Mbaise local government area of Imo State, Nigeria.

According to elderly arrangement, it is the fourth out of nine villages that made up Enyiogugu and its also recognized and regarded as the third largest village in Enyiogugu, Aboh Mbaise both by population and by land mass after Oboama and Oluakwo Enyiogugu. it's as well among the  communities that borders Enyiogugu Town .

Umugaragu Enyiogugu follows Eziala Enyiogugu which is the third out of nine villages in Enyiogugu, Aboh Mbaise local government area of Imo State while Umueze Enyiogugu comes the fifth out of nine villages after Umugaragu Enyiogugu .

Umugaragu Enyiogugu has five  hamlets and according to elderly arrangement, it's as follows Umuloke Umugaragu | Umuwaozuru Umugaragu | Umuafo Umugaragu | Akwete Umugaragu and Umubam Umugaragu .

From Enyiogugu Town to any of these Umugaragu hamlet  with motorcycle or car at the speed  of 10-15 km/h, could take up 2-5 minutes ride to reach each hamlet.

The most important thing about this particular village Umugaragu Enyiogugu is that, they are God fearing people, peace keeping village that cherish unity, togetherness and progress of the their village.

The two major roads that bypass Umugaragu are Airport road, which is Sam Ambakwe airport (FAAN ) that cut from Enyiogugu Town through Akwete and Umubam road that joined the airports road at Okpuala airport junction and Aba Road that joined from Owerri - Umuahia Road by New Road Junction popularly called Big tyre Junction by passenger and cut across Umuloke, Umuwaozuru and Umuafo that leads through the former Imo State house of representative house Emeka Ihedioha's villa at Mbuto and  joined Uvuru - Aba Road .

People of Umugaragu village are known as brave people by their neighboring villages/communities , that is how the name of the village came to exist.

Umugaragu which means Lionel and its people  indeed possess the lion heart of which ascribed who they are in Enyiogugu Communities.  This brief information is about Umugaragu village.

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