Bloggers Cry Out As Data Rate Goes High In Nigeria.


Nigerian bloggers cry out as data get too expensive. The unusual on data rate which started earlier this year 2018 on data price has silence many of the bloggers in Nigeria, this left many bloggers speechless and in other hand has made them unable to update information on their various blogs.

As every living creature needs daily meal, to keep going in life, so is a blogger needs   steady data to be able to keep on bringing up-to-date information.

With the present data rate, bloggers will seriously decline especially in country like Nigeria because its very few them that can afford to keep going with the high price of data in Nigeria.

This can be a kind of dilemma situation to bloggers because as a blogger more especially the up coming ones, going further isn't sweet enough because of the high price of data whereas quitting blogging is what they would not like to do.

this is really the hard time for bloggers in Nigeria, none expected this yet it did comes up but great will be to those that will adapt the present situation and  cope with it.

This is the time, that the only people that will be able to keep going, will be only the people that has clear objectives for what they are blogging for secondly the people that love what they are doing not somebody who is doing he's because of his friend is in to it.

And in other way, this high rate of data, will as well limit bloggers,those that are good at spreading false information, the set that only coping the information that some one else struggled to put together and also it will limit spreading of false news, I am Chidi Young.

Chidi Young, Nigerian bloggers

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