Indigenes Laments Killing As Registration Of Voters Card Goes On Time In Enyiogugu, Mbaise .


The indigenous people of the four communities of Enyiogugu town, has complained bitterly on how unfair the government of Imo state through their local government is to them, precisely on this year 2018 Registration of voters card.

Image of Enyiogugu people

They lamented on how the government did not do well by providing only one laptop for the registration of the voters card at ENYIOGUGU CENTRAL SCHOOL for the whole of the four autonomous communities that makes up Enyiogugu.

Many registree mentioned that Imo state government through the local government authority should have tried to provide the laptop for registration of voters card to each of the autonomous community in Enyiogugu District as they further more said, this could have save time, energy and also probably make some aged people to come out to register.

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Enyiogugu people both the residents and the indigenes pour out their mind even as they really want the voters card many murmured how stressful it is, as the result of one laptop been giving to them by Inec which made them pass through stress not only that they also complained for  misuse of their time, just to make sure one gets registered .

According to chidi young who were present said, some of individuals has been coming for the registration of the voters card since Monday been 18/02/2018 and still yet has not be opportune to get their own voters card which is their basic right.

Enyiogugu Town / Towns in Mbaise by chidi young...

From what was on list as of Thursday afternoon , more than one thousand (1000) people put their name down for the registration, but is quite unfortunately, a very frustrating figure has gotten theirs
And still yet the INEC officials that is in charge of the registration at above mentioned location on the same Thursday made mentioned of ending the registration of the voters card the next day being Friday whereas multitudes has not being reach meaning that what has not be registered is more intense than what has been registered . 

Reporting  from Enyiogugu central school.
Reporter Chidi Young.

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