Seven (7) Core Freedoms of the Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR) .


The core of something refers to the central issue of that very thing. so we will be mentioning the core reason for the Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR).., so it will be good to be focus as we follow it step by step and before we arrive to our stopping point ,we will be able to know the basic reason for Human Right Declaration.

As we go ahead ,the core freedoms of the Universal Declaration Of Human Right refers to those things which affacts the peace and well being of man kind irrespective of colour , race , and geographical territory.

Seven (7) Core Freedoms of the Universal Decrlaration Of Human Right (UDHR) .
Seven (7) Core Freedoms of the Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR) .
                  The seven core freedoms of the Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR) are

(1)  Elimination of Racial Discrimination ; This freedom seeks to forge international understanding among all races and the elimination of discrimination based on race,color,descent or ethnic origin which may prevent one from enjoying his human rights.

(2)  Elimination of Discrimination Against Woman ;  All states re enjoined to adopt erasures to elimination all forms of discrimination base on sex which hold down woman from fulfilling their ambitions and talents.

This includes all customs ,traditions an prejudices which relegate woman as inferior person.all states are to enshrine gender equality in their constitutions.

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(3)Elimination of Torture ; All states are to strive to elimination all forms of torture of persons within their borders. it also forbids states from extraditing persons to their countries of origin,when it is obvious that they would face torture and inhuman treatments.

torture does not includes pains from punishment for an offence against the law .rather it refers to both physical and mental pains arising from human abuse and deprivation.

(4)  Right Of The Child ; The united nation describes a child as a Person under 18 . the treaty affirmed that the child has certain fundamental rights that should be protected .they include ; right to life , right to identity, to be raised and brought up with in family and cultural setting ,by parents ,the right to  enjoy parental care and obligation . children shall have the  right of opinion ,which should be heard and acted upon as may be necessary .

(5)  Right Of Persons With Disabilities; The  treaty provides for the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities by the states. this  includes the right of equality under the law ,right to be recognised in the community , right to private life , right to participate in the community and the political  process, public life and cultural life .
persons with disabilities are entitled to mobility and rehabilitation access to roads,buildings,etc.

(6)  Right Of All Migrant Workers ; This treaty seeks to protect the right of migrant workers , hence it advocates that migrant workers should enjoy equal treatments as nationals . that migrant workers should have access to full protection of their lives , and enjoy  full human right as other human beings. This right does not take care of unregistered or undocumented migrants.

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(7)  The International Covenant On Economic , Social and Cultural Rights.; Rights embodied under this treaty are right to work ,  right to social security , education and reasonable standard of living, right to enjoy the benefits of cultural and scientific progress,etc. Now we seen the importance of Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR),so let  us be obedient to the cause and be committed to carry on the objective in other to make the world a better place to leave ,i am Chidi young

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