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                           Before going in to this very topic  ,lets look little on the meaning of this topic .
Universal Declaration Of Human Right

The Universal Declaration Of Human Right was the outcome of the efforts of the world power under the banner of United Nations Organization to bring to an end widespread human deprivation, misery,torture and other forms of human degradation across the world.the Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR) standardize and institutionalized the practice and respect for human right of man regardless of creed,color of skin ,sex language,nationality,race etc.

According to Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR),all human being are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Every one is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in the declaration ,without of any kind,such as race,color,sex,language,religion,political or other opinion,national or social origin,property,birth or other status...

Everyone has right to life,liberty and security of person...Everyone has the right to freedom of movement... Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.lets take a look to the following human right, Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR)1948.

The Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR) embodies a list of 30 fundamental human rights and all nation are enjoined to respect and uphold the human right in their citizens in their respective territories.anyway before going to that, lets look at the historical background of the Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR)many events and outcomes marked the end of the era of kingdoms, rations,and empires ruled by tyrants,despots and dictators and ushered in the democratic fervor across the world.
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(1) there was the declaration by Cyrus the great, king of Persia in 539 BC. that slaves had right to freedom ,to choose their religion and to worship their God. this followed his conquest of Babylon and release of war captives..

(2) At Runnymede in 1215, king john ,the British monarch was forced by the nobles to put his seal on a document of rights called the magna carta, which granted several rights to the people and limited the power of the monarch. parts of the magna carta read thus ; No free man shall be imprisoned... except by the lawful judgement by the law of the land.

(3)There was the American bill of rights in which the liberals and nationalists advocated for the protection of civil liberties and freedom of assembly,freedom of speech of the people.

(4) the french revolution of 1789 established a new a social and political order. it  was a struggle  for rights,social and economic equality of citizens. it resulted in the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizens,which proclaimed that all citizens are equal under the law.

(5) there was the English bill of rights in 1689 which established the right of of parliament to make laws and levy taxes and also set forth certain rights of the citizens.

(6) the two world wars, (1914-1918)and (1939-1945) brought about great human misery and suffering ever known in human history.

As human ,its important to know what is our rights as a living , so as to be ready to defend our self when the need for it occur.
its only when one knows his right that his can be able to know when he is guilty of crime or not ,that is while we see it as important to make it known to us, the Human Right  (UDHR) as it concerns all human all over the world .    

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The Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR) is to bring equality to human race and to eliminate all kind of deprivation such from  race,color,sex,language,religion ,political or others.
below are 30  rights documented in the Universal Declaration Of Human Right (UDHR)

(1)All human are born free and are equal in dignity and rights.

(2) All human rights embodied in the  Universal Declaration Of Human Right are to be enjoyed without discrimination to sex,color of skin, race, birth,property,etc.

(3) All human being have right to life ,personal liberty and security.

(4) Every person shall be free from torture,cruelty, inhuman or degrading treatment.

(5) Every person shall be free from slavery ,forced labor and slave trade shall be prohibited.
(6) Every human being has right to his person and must be recognized under the law.

(7) All citizens are equal before the law and shall enjoy equal protection under the law.

(8) Every citizens has right to seek remedy in a  court of law for violation of his fundamental rights.

(9) No citizens shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, incarceration or forced into exile.

(11) An accused for an offence shall be presumed innocent until found and proved guilty  according to the , and having been afforded  access  to defend himself.

(12)   Every citizens shall be free from arbitrary interference into his private, family or correspondence or attacks on his honor or reputation.

(13)   Every citizens shall have freedom of movement and residence in anypart of the nation.

(14)  Every one  shall have the right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution in another country.

(15)  Every one  has right to nationality.

(16)  Every citizens has Right to family life and marriage.

(17)  Every one  has right to acquire and own property alone or with other person .

(18)  Every citizens has right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

(19)  Every one  has right to freedom of opinion and expression.

(20)  Every one  has right to assemble peacefully and associate with others.

(21)  Every citizens has right of participation in the government of ones country.

(22)  Every one  has right to social security affordable housing, education,medical care etc.

(23)  Every one  has right to work and earn a just remuneration, including the right to choose employment.

(24)  Every one  has right to rest and enjoy ones leisure.

(25)  A citizen has right to a standard of living ,good enough for his health and that of his family members .this includes right to have food , clothing, housing etc.

(26)  Every citizens  has right to participate in cultural life and enjoy the benefits of achievement in arts,and scientific advancement.

(27)  Every citizens  has right to education,which should be free at least at the elementary level.

(28)  Every citizens  has duties to perform in the community in which his potential can be developed and actualized.we have duty to protect the right of others.

(29)  No one has right to deny or take way another person's right. Conclusion,Now we have known our human right ,Its our obligation to work with it when ever the need , occur thank you ,i am Chidi young.

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