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Friends, I got some thing, I want to share with us, we may have heard of it often time or we haven't.

If you have heard of it, and definitely working with it or towards it,that is excellent, but if you have not well heard of it, now this is it  '' A Dream".

Well, before I start to share with us, what I found, this very fact that I discovered, I want to take a moment to acknowledge daddies and mummies that may come across this awesome article because this article indirectly address to youths but in spite of that, a lot of motivation and inspiration are in full as we read on.

So it will be good, if we can bookmark this page, probably for future reloading, for ourselves, for our children even for our grandchildren.

Because I am fully aware that, this article will add knowledge to one's knowledge, wisdom to one's wisdom, strength to one's strength, and boost one's willpower to act as needed even a lot more benefit, are hiding on this article , read ahead to discover, as it is open for everyone to read and discover.

Young people, great men and wonderful women, your research that brought this post to you, or what ever that call on your attention to check what this post is all about, is not in vain and you that is reading this post right now, is not '' just '' rather, there is impartation taking place, arising your thinking and imagination in such a way, you're beginning to wonder what could be the essence of this very article, but do not be boredom, shortly we will  arrive to what we want to know.

As I said earlier, I want to share with us, this very thing, which I considered to be important, so it will be too good to keep it in mind as life goes on, and as you are among thousands of people that have being opportune to come across this very article, still be among the very few, that will work with what they will learn from it as we may know this very quote, Chidi young Quotes 53 '' knowing with out doing is just accumulation of knowledge "
and the second saying Chidi young Quote 54 '' the real fact of knowledge demands proof ''.

So we are required by the fact of knowledge, to work with, what we will discover in this article tag '' A Dream ''.

Young people, I figured out what this really means to my future, and I scared to let it out, I so much cherished it to extend, that I can not let it go and I put it to you, that is reading this right now,that you should not let it go either because in it, there is future too.

Firstly, let me ask this very question. How many of us ever had a dream?
Secondly how many of us is dreaming?
Let's look into the very meaning of dream, what is a dream? Extracted from wiktionary, dream is imaginary events seen in the mind while sleeping.
Secondly it's daydream. daydream means A spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts while awake not connected to immediate reality.

That's while young people I put it to us, the dream we have for our lovely future, family, community, for our society, town and our state even to our nation may be for the world, that very dream that you are scared of telling people around you, even when you tell them, no one want to believe you, often time they would say, don't tell us, we are tired of hearing this from you.

Young people I am sharing this very thing with you because I love your future, and I believe in your career, your destiny and that which is in you, which some person doubts, some even called it illusion, imagination but I called it inspiration.

In it there is motivation and there is always potential in it.

The very dream that makes you talk to your self and you are well known that you aren't insane. Even when some one sense it,but you did covered it up.

The dream that could not give you chance, it keeps on coming often to extend that you can not get rid of it, even at night when you sleep to stress free all the pains and struggles of the day, great people you could imagine your very self woke up probably by 12:37 am, to urinate after that, only to discover that there is a dream in form of vision, that could no longer allow you sleep again, to some person, it could take them an hour to other, it could take them two hours.

To the very people, that I am talking to, knows what I am saying about and they are fully aware how often this due happen to them, being on your bed by your very self, pondering on a particular thing, most time you see your very own self doing it with out doubt and if you try to end it, it can not allow you, but it will also go by it's own accord .

Great people, young man and young woman as I will say that is who you are, who you are born to be and what you are born to do.

The fact is you do see your very self doing something which you can not tell how come about it, you know how often this comes to you, and secondly, is giving you concern, but you are not leaving in it, yet it is not missing as I will tell you, rather it is a prove of who you are, it is a revelation of your very self.

You may have dreamed, or you are still dreaming. The objective is the same because the fact is you have A Dream.

Young people right now follow up, your dream may be big enough or beyond what you think you can attain in life, may be when you think about it, you don't know how to go about it, great people, that your big dream, that keeps coming to you often but you can't tell how to get it done, trunk it down small, that your big dream in life young man and young lady start it step by step and let me tell you, young people from Little by little and through bit by bit, you will be maze how you will arrive on top your dream and it will look beyond imagination.

So to tell, young people even as good, wonderful probably excellent as your dream may be, it needs safe environment, for it to truly come to reality. To clarify you on this point, I will be using maize seed as an example ok " as good as a maize seed is, if we take one and put it in a glass cup and cover it up, for months, may be years, it will still be there,and remain there as single seed, OK did you get that " come again with me my friend, if we take a maize seed and sow it in a hot soil, the temperature of that very soil will definitely dry up the seed probably will kill the seed, are you still with me" OK great people, check this too, as good as maize seed is, if we take one and put it in a swamp, young people, germs and annelid would quickly damage the seed and once the seed is attacked by germs, bacteria or maybe by earthworms in the swamp the future of that maize is gone.

So therefor great people, as good as a maize seed is, it needs safe environment for it to be able to bring out the future maize., and so it is to you, young man and young woman, As good, great, wonderful or big your dream may be, it is 60 percent dependent on the kind of friends, people you keep around you.

As i will say, some of the friends we keeps close are like bacteria, most people we keep associating with are like annelid, even some are like earthworms or germs, they only eat our good and wonderful dream down, most time, they only show us what we cannot do in other to whelm us down.

Most conversation we keep  with this bacteria kind of people,ends up with can't do this or can't do that.
They are So limitative in nature, too hard for them to come up with the ideas of we can.

Great people the bacteria friend will always talks opposite, check this, when you talks about success, they are the ones to try to convince you with hardship in the country and they talks about failure, when you talks about greatness, they talks about downfall, the position they see them self, they are 100 percent satisfied, they aren't bordered to make any positive move, they became naturally obese with their situation that makes them see it as it is the last bus stop of their living, they see their very self like the can't go in life beyond so and so.

Young man and young lady, great people this kind of people are like bacteria, they kills dream and I tell you again, they are dream killer.

What comes from their heart, from their mind and from their mouth kills dream.

Young people, your dream, that very thing you are dreaming about, for your future, family, community, for your town, for your state, probably for your country may be for the world has 60 percent chance to become reality base on the right environment, the friends which you mingle with and the people which you are associating with.

My friend,for your dream as a matter of fact to become real and you actually to become who you are born to be in life, reshuffle you friends, the people you are working, talking probably laughing with and start working with the right friends, the right people, the ones that will always come up with the reasons while you can and not the ones that will show you while you can't.

As i said earlier as good as a maize seed is, it needs safe environment for it to be able to bring out future maize and I said, so is you, because as good as your dream may be, you need to work, link connected with the right people for you to truthfully become who you are created to be, remember young people who you are created to be, is who nobody else can become and no body else can dream the same dream which you are dreaming because you are uniquely made. That's while this famous rapper called "Eminem" said in one of his song, that no matter how one tries, there will never be another you and believe me, he said the truth.

In conclusion my friend remember my quote Chidi young Quotes 105'' don't leave vacant what you know that there will be no occupant.

As i said, nobody else is dreaming the same dream which you are dreaming " so great people, accomplish the dream you have which is the proof of who you are, so that there will be no vacancy, waste to your own world and to the world at large, I'm Chidi young your friend.

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