Interesting:Fire Burned Extinguisher; Could This Be Nice ' If No ! Then What Do You Think.

Extinguisher got burned is merely a reflection of what this post talks about. there is, this conversation that found interesting on Facebook ! i take it to be important to let us know of it, that is the reason,  i decided to publish it on .

Ever since then,  I kept thinking about this very friendly post since i came acrose the post .

To certain point i became speechless but i don't know perhaps  you was among the conversant ,
What would  probably be your point of view?
To me its a friendly  post that deserves a friendly approach, , , but to you i don't really know what your point of view towards it would be.

By Agulefo Precious

So I want to talk about something really important.

It has to do with money and relationships so best be seated.

The WORST people to lend money to are your friends! Yes, I said it!

If a stranger asks to borrow your money and a friend asks to borrow your money, if that money is something you need back then give it to the stranger. You can always pray for your friend.

If they both ask you for financial help without the promise to pay back, then definitely give your friend.

Why ?

Because these days friends are least likely to pay you back, or at least pay you back without what can range from a slight argument to fulllown enmity.

Strangers will more likely pay you back because they don't know the extent you'll go to to get your money back but friends know you well and know you won't do anything at the end of the day. It's called "See finish."
Young people please listen.

If you run out of cash and need to borrow from someone, check yourself first. Borrow what you can pay back without grumbling or creating a scene. It says a lot about who you are as a person.

Also, make your request clear!!
If you're asking for a loan, state it. If you're asking for flat out money without really intending to pay back, make it clear!
This nonsense has to stop.

You ask your friend to please send you "small money" that you'll "pay back once you go to bank tomorrow", or to send you subscription money, that your bank is not letting you recharge and that you'll pay back once you go to the atm the next day.

Cool story bro. They send you aid.. The next day comes and goes. Nothing! No word from you, and so it goes on to the next day and the next week and then infinity.

Most times, you expect the person to conveniently forget but the truth is, they don't! They just don't know how to disturb you for it because the money is "small" per se.

Those who muster the courage to ask will be met with a "Are you serious? So you can't leave that 1k for me?"
Some even take it a step further with emotional blackmail like, "It's because of this 1k that I won't rest for you anymore? Don't worry, I'll look for someone to get it from and give you now.. No oo, don't worry.

 I've learned the kind of person you are."
When you were borrowing the money, it was the biggest/most important sum to you but now it's time to pay back, it's suddenly small? Mtsww! Oga pay me and get out of my face if you so wish.

This case is very rampant among girls especially when they want to borrow from a guy. And if they're now dating the guy or sleeping with him.. Hahahah!! Forget it.

It's like almost the norm now that even guys agree within themselves that, "ibinye nwaanyi ego, chefue ya." And that's trash!
For guys borrowing from guys, they usually take the money (huge sums in this case) and keep doing you come today, come tomorrow till they cut off from you and the friendship totally. You will call and call till you learn to move on. That's trash!

If you ever do/did any of this to me, no matter how small or huge that sum of money was, just cancel the friendship or at least, your integrity in my eyes cos next time, even if your father is dying and you need 5k to make him 10 years younger and I have 100k, don't bother asking me cos I won't give you anything, Deal with it.

If you need to BORROW money, even if its N100, tell your friend and give them a payback date that you know you can meet up with, and if for some reason you couldn't meet up then, call them and let them know what's up. Don't wait for them to start chasing you around. At least accord them that respect.

If you flat out need money, tell your friend as it is, and those that will give you will give you. At the end of the day, you'll retain your integrity/ respect and the relationship will flourish.
Thank you.

In conclusion, if however it pleases you to lets other readers  know your point of  view, it could be helpful to them as well , so" what do you think?

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