Imo State - Seven Gun Shot At Enyiogugu Market Square As The Police Men Challenged The Mopol Men - By Chidi young


This morning around 08:09 am  there was shooting by the Mopol men as the Police men refused to allow their vehicle to pass before them at Afor Enyiogugu Market approximately half a kilo meter away from saint Charles Catholic Church Enyiogugu Mbaise, Imo State along Owerri to Umuahia Express Road.

IMAGE SOURCE : cloud2 news

According to some lookers ,they said that the Police men where heading to Owerri with their vehicle and that the Mopol men were also going to the same distention'.

 According to a shop owner, who watch not far from where the challenge took place, said that the Police Men refused to allow the Mopol men to overtake their vehicle that is the reason, the Mopol men started releasing bullet and the Police men retaliated. 

He further said that, least seven bullet were released by the mopol men leaven the just passer by in a state of what is happening. that is just how we it today at  Afor Enyiogugu Market Square Today.

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