The Holy Bible teaches and psychologists have confirmed it that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”!
Many things are harbored in the human heart, both good and bad things. For the reason of human nature of sin, people tend store their evil deeds in their. However, every once in a while, they voice out the truth!
The faulty judgement by the Supreme Court on January 14, 2020 has seen a lot of partisan interests forcing people speak from both sides of their mouths, depending on their location, situations and circumstances.
On February 5, 2020, for instance, the Supreme Court judgement beneficiary, Senator Hope Uzodimma, unwittingly confessed the truth from the abundance of his heart, which he must have kept hidden since his illegitimate regime began about three weeks ago.
Senator Uzodimma, in a statement, signed by Nwachkwu Ogwuike, his Chief Press Secretary, said and I quote:
“What do they mean by illegitimacy? A *mandate given by seven Supreme Court justices* can’t be less legitimate. People, especially these groups should be mindful of things they say. The governor will not be distracted.”
Uzodimma was frantically reacting to the increasing tackles by Nigerians across the country and overseas, and Imo people in particular, that his emergence was illegitimate as it doesn’t carry the impetus and mandate of the people of Imo State!
A group had given Uzodimma two weeks to vacate office on grounds of his illegitimacy, owing to the illegitimate process through which he emerged.

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It was in the course of struggling to justify the insincere claim to legitimacy that Uzodimma made the open confession that his mandate was given to him by the seven justices of the Supreme Court.
It’s good that the confession is now coming from him. All the while, Uzodimma, and his cohorts in APC, have been most ferociously countering anybody that suggests that his emergence as governor has its foundation laid with illegitimacy.
How could a governor proudly announce that the mandate on which he charged into Douglas House was handed to him by seven people, just seven people, called Supreme Court Judges, none of which is from Imo State!
That, on it’s own, is the end of discussion on the established illegitimacy status of the wrong declaration by Supreme Court! Nobody can be Imo governor with a mandate not given by Ndimo!
There’s no way that illegitimate confession of seven givers of the mandate Uzodimma parades can compare with the authentic massive mandate a multitude of Imo people gave to His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ogbuagu Emeka Ihedioha CON, KSC, FNIFST.
Indeed, hundreds of thousands of Imo people on March 9, 2019 cast their votes for Gov. Ihedioha, and thereby elected him their governor with legitimacy of popular mandate!
There’s no gainsaying that because of the illegitimacy of the Uzodimma Government, which he has confessed publicly, he’s now jittery and panicky, restless and characteristically restive in his wrong chase after a mandate and legitimacy he doesn’t merit or deserve!
Yes, Uzodimma failed because all his efforts to obtain by tricks (OBT) the mandate of Imo people resulted in failure, even as the Supreme Court sets to review and reverse the wrong judgement.
A man with mandate given by seven Supreme Court justices, none of whom is an Imolite, can’t be the governor of Imo State. Never!

                                               SOURCE : IM.COM

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