Top 10 Transport Companies in Nigeria.


The road transport sector is a very important and big part of the Nigeria transport industry. This is so because other modes of transportation like the rail are not well serviced and therefore not frequently used by the majority of the population. Due to the opportunity and market provided by the sector, so many investors in the form of transport companies are occupying the market. There are over 70 road transport companies in Nigeria - those that operate on the regional level, and those that operate on the national and transnational level. The transport companies that top the list are as follows:

  1.  ABC Transport Plc.

ABC Transport Plc was founded by Mr. Frank Nneji as an offshoot of his company Rapido Ventures. The company started operation on February 13 1993 with its head office in Owerri Imo State. Since then ABC transport has lived up to its dreams of rendering quality services to its entire passengers across all the destinations. ABC Transport aside operating on the Nigerian routes also offers ‘Coach West Africa’ which operates from Nigeria to Benin, Togo and Ghana. The company has the Cargo Express which is a division concerned with courier services and haulage and the City Transit Inn. In the course of its operation, ABC Transport has received so many awards as a distinguished Transport company in the Country.

  1.  God Is Good Mobility (GIGM) 

God is Good Mobility is at the fore front of technology driven road transport companies in Nigeria. Founded in 1998 by Edwin Ajaere as God is Good Motors with head offices in Edo State Nigeria, the company changed to God is Good Mobility in 2019 and also started operation outside Nigeria in the same year. GIGM as it is known today experience most of its technological transformation from 2010 to 2019 under Edwin Ajaere's son Chidi Ajaere. The transport company launched a website in 2015 and app in 2016 with which it offers online booking and other services. GIGM currently has 34 bus terminals with two terminals in Ghana.

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  1. The Young Shall Grow Motors.

Young Shall Grow Motors is one of the oldest transport companies in Nigeria. The company was established by Vincent Amaechi in 1972 as a small transport business that shuttles Enugu and Onitsha with mini-buses. Today it is one of the biggest and most successful transport companies that operate in Nigeria and along the West African coastal countries. The company has its head offices in Lagos Nigeria and runs almost the 36 states of the federation in mini-buses and large sized luxurious buses.

  1.  Chisco Transport Company.

Chisco Transport Company was established in 1981 by Chief Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu, as a micro auto parts retailer. Not long after, the auto parts retailer evolved into a leading transporter and has since diversified into a brand that delivers excellence in end-to-end transportation and allied logistics. Chisco operates over 500 fleet; a combination of coaster buses and luxurious buses. The company is among the first transport companies to operate a standard shuttling service to the West African coastal countries.

  1.  Peace Mass Transit Ltd (PMT)

Peace Mass Transit was established in 1995 with only two buses. Under Chief Sam Maduka Onyishi, Peace Mass Transit has become a household name as they carry out transportation services across 19 states of the federation including all the southern states. Peace Mass or Peace as it is popularly called has over 2000 buses which comprise only of 14 seated buses. It has its head offices located at No 4, Okpara Avenue, Enugu. With the number of buses one can imagine how many persons the transport company ferry to different destinations in a day.

  1.  Ifesinachi Transport

Ifesinachi was established in the year 2000 and has since been a major player in the Nigerian road transport sector. The transport company shuttles the major cities in Nigeria and has major terminals in about 9 states of the country. With professional staff and drivers, Ifesinachi Transport Company offers great and affordable services with their well furnished luxurious buses that beat ones imagination. Some of their buses are also equipped with free Wi-Fi, and at-seat power outlets that give their passengers top satisfaction. Just like other major transport companies, passengers can book online via their website.

  1.  GUO Transport Company Ltd
GUO Transport Company Ltd is a division of GU Okeke and Son's Limited which was established in 1980. It has operated in the Nigerian road transport sector since then and has been delivering quality and assured service to its numerous passengers. Bookings and other transactions can be done via their website and Mobile App. GUO offers other services besides transportation of persons like value-priced same-day and early-next-day haulage and package delivery to numerous destinations in Nigeria as well as bus hires. The company has destinations to over 15 states in the country and some West African countries like Ghana.

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  1.  Cross Country Limited

Cross Country has been a major transporter since it started its operation of inter city and intra city travels in 2002. The company has its head offices in Yaba Lagos Nigeria and has destinations in about 26 cities in the country and other West African countries. Cross Country also offer haulage and package delivery services to their entire destination. The transport company, from some of its terminals, offers NYSC members a direct transport service from their bus terminal to the NYSC in some states camp.

  1.  Bonny Way Motors NIG. Ltd

Bonny Way Motors Nig. Ltd has made a name in Nigerian Transport sphere. The company ferries passengers and goods to major cities in Nigeria using luxurious buses. Bonny Way also engages in haulage and courier services to various destinations in the country as well as deals in auto parts. The head office is in Lagos Nigeria.

  1.  Imo Transport Company

Imo Transport Company (ITC) is a state owned transport company owned by Imo State Government. The company has over 200 buses that run from the state to almost all the 36 states of the federation including the federal capital territory. With consistency and professionalism the transport company has endeared itself to the hearts of the citizens.

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