Kanye West Appears On Oklahoma’s Presidential Election Ballot.


Renowned music artist, Kanye West has secured a spot on the final day before the deadline of the presidential ballot passed.
According to Evening Standard, this development automatically gives him an opportunity to be qualified to appear on the presidential ballot in Oklahoma.
Reports from the state’s election board revealed the rapper and fashion designer filed the necessary paperwork on Wednesday.
During November’s US election, it now means he could appear on the ballot as an independent candidate in at least one state.
He would be up against Republican president Donald Trump and Democratic Party challenger Joe Biden.
Regardless of the fact that the deadline has already passed in many states, including key battlegrounds such as North Carolina and New Hampshire, West has qualified for the ballot in Oklahoma.
The complicated issue at the moments is the submission of West adviser Steve Kramer on his presidential ambition.
Kramer actually made a comment saying, “he’s out”
Which brings the issue of West’s bid for the White House to a confused state, white House New York Magazine’s Intelligence reported.
Source:Evening Standard

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