Eight (8) Amazing Benefits Of Sleeping Naked.


As a kid growing up, I bet your mum frowned at the idea of you sleeping naked. Mine did. Sleeping naked was thought of as a taboo. 

Contrary to what many believe, research has proven that it has lots of health and psychological benefits.

Sleeping in the nude doesn’t always have to have a sexual connotation attached to it. It’s an incredible way to improve several aspects of the overall health for the mind and body.

Regardless of what you wear to bed – cosy pyjamas or just your undies, this article is about to show you why sleeping naked is the best thing for your psychological well being, health and love life.

Let’s dig in

1. Oxytocin is released

Oxytocin is Released

If you decide to give “sleeping naked” a try, you’d be surprised to discover that it is just the best thing ever. Sleeping naked releases a hormone called oxytocin, “the love hormone”. 

Oxytocin has a lot of health benefits which includes the following; fights depression, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress level and generally makes you a happy person. It can also boost your love life.

2. Reduces Cortisol level

Reduces Cortisol level

A high amount of cortisol in the body predisposes the body to the following

  • High-stress level
  • Anxiety 
  • Increased cravings for junk food
  • Weight gain etc

When the body sleeps, its temperature is dropped automatically. Sleeping naked aids in the regulation of this temperature. This regulation helps in maintaining a normal level of cortisol.

 3. Your sleep will be more peaceful and restful 

Deep and peaceful sleep

Sleeping in pyjamas or whatever you sleep in, wrapped in a blanket or under a duvet causes your body to overheat.

This hinders the body from reaching the optimal temperature where deep and peaceful sleep happens.

Restlessness, tossing and turning can be avoided by sleeping in the nude, which keeps your body in a state of coolness.

4. You’d look younger

You’d look younger

Certain hormones are released while you sleep. The effectiveness of these hormones is dependent on body temperature.

When the body temperature is lowered, melatonin and certain growth hormones are released.

These hormones aid anti-ageing and boost skin health. If you’re trying to avoid wrinkles, then you’d want to give sleeping naked a try.

5. Boosts testicular health

Boosts Testicular health

Guys, sleeping naked goes a long way in keeping your swimmers in a perfect health condition.

A research done at the National Institute of Child Health and Stanford University uncovered that wearing boxers during the day and sleeping naked at night boosts the overall quality of the sperm.

The research was carried out on 500 men, who explained how they slept and their choice of underwear for an entire year.

It was discovered that men, who wore boxers in the day and slept naked at night had a 25% lower rate of damaged DNA in their sperm compared to men who wore tight undies all day, every day.

Cooler testicles increase sperm health and quality. That’s the reason why the testicles were designed to be outside the body and not inside like the ovaries.

6. Reduces the risk of yeast infection

Yeast infection

Even though yeast infections can be treated easily, it is better avoided. By preventing the conditions for the proliferation of yeast cells, the infection can be avoided.

Yeast cells grow and thrive in warm and moist conditions.

Sleeping naked helps to keep the body temperature cooler which prevents the growth and proliferation of yeast cells.

7. Boosts confidence

Boosts Confidence

How? You are probably asking. Well, sleeping in your birthday suit is an amazing way of being comfortable in your skin.

Feeling refreshed after a good night sleeps creates a happier version of you.

A happier version of you breeds confidence and a confident version of you breeds happiness.

8. It’s a wonderful feeling

It’s a wonderful feeling

Your pores release sweat when there’s too much heat. Wearing clothes while you sleep can hinder the pores from functioning optimally. 

This may sound familiar; sleeping with clothes on in the heat of the night makes the cloth stick to your skin and feels like you’re baking in an oven.

Sleeping naked can prevent all of these, the feeling is really good and you wouldn’t have to worry about the sweats that come at the peak of the night.

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